Friday, 3 August 2012

Countdown to NYC 2012

There are only 4 days left until I go to New York, which is too rad for words, and I thought I should just do a lil' post on here to inform you my summer is supa dupa and I am pumped for this next holiday. As always, I will be blogging about my trip pretty much everyday in NYC, but I will be spending a weekend in the Catskills again with Duffy and his friends, which is going to be off the chizzle, so I will hopefully be able to document about it all on here.

Not sure if I mentioned, but my hair has returned to a white bleach blonde, which is a bummer because I miss the unicorn locks, but I might get it dyed on my trip to NYC... I am not positive about that, BUT my brothers and father are getting more tattoos by Thomas Hoope! Dinos Chapman drew them again, so when they get 'em done I will have a post dedicated to just how awesome they look and how jealous I am!

'Til then...

e x

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