Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fairytale of New York

Cliché song title ✔

Yesterday, I returned to Brooklyn after a blissful weekend in the Catskills. We spent our days with Duffy and the gang, hanging out at their barn, going to lakes and waterfalls, having BBQs and a campfire whilst star watching on the last night. No lies. It was perfection. As you can probably tell, I am definitely not the outdoorsy type, and with my fractured ankle and massive boot, with the crutches, there were some restrictions. However, that was one of the most memorable weekends of my entire life and I literally can't wait to go back!

As sad as it was to leave, my father and brothers had a special appointment with Thomas Hooper that couldn't be missed. As my mother and I were not getting tattooed (yet...) we went to a quaint little cinema called Nitehawk to see the new Woody Allen film, 'To Rome With Love', and it was excellent! Don't shoot me, but the only other Woody Allen film I have seen is 'Midnight in Paris', which is madness, but I have vowed to have a total marathon of his work when I'm back in London. We then went to visit Thomas and the boys whilst he was finishing father's tattoos and let me just say, HOLY GUACAMOLE. My camera is dead at the mo, so when I'm back in London I will have a mad photo post. But fo rizzle. Thomas Hooper is the man.

Cheeky blackberry photo stolen from the brother's Facebook. 
He's quite the looker.

Tonight is the night we go home, which deserves a crying emoticon :'( NYC 2K12 has been killer. See y'all when I'm back in da UK.

e x

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