Monday, 25 January 2010

Post Christmas Blues/Back To School

Firstly, I would like to apologize on my lack of application. Been busy doing my homework and what not, but I am back. Now let's talk about my Christmas. 'Santa' was very very generous this year: Luella goodies, Miu Miu hair accessories, record player and some great vinyl that I have been listening to, which means lack of postings on the blog. Sorry guys. ANYWAYS, I am back now so I hope you enjoy what is to come in 2010. Hope it's a good year for everyone. Lusms.

Nice, huh? The Smiths on Christmas day '09.

Luella goodies :)

My New Dress: Christopher Kane for Topshop. Phwoar.

A few of my presents. Yes, that is a Robert Pattinson Annual.

BTW, I absolutely love 'Glee' now. Just saying. Oh yeah, and Sherlock Homles.