Monday, 28 May 2012

Goodbye May

Sorry, but let's just take a moment to forget about all the exam stress, and all the sun burn worries, and all of those #whitegirlproblems, and acknowledge the fact that there is a mere matter of weeks until the summer holidays! Woop. Now, here are some reviews and pictures that I want to share with you, because you people listen to me and I like to think people find my writing interesting. If not, I will just go talk to my dog. He listens.

Last thursday, I went to see Saul Fletcher's show, and he seemed a little nervous at first. He admitted to me that all these nerves were due to the anxiety of waiting for my famous 'Milo Head' reviews. Now, I told him, 'Keep it together man. Carpe diem. Yolo. Do yo thang.' and he did just that. The show was incroyable and I am tellin' ya, GO SEE IT.

Meat and two veg.


This is obviously one of my favourites, as I am a whippet hoarder in training, but I would like to tell you all that this is Milo's best friend! His name is Woody. He's a total babe.

Last night I went on a date with my home gurl, Honey, to see the new Wes Anderson film I was telling y'all about. It is called Moonrise Kingdom, and I am slightly in love with it. It was in the typical Anderson style, which is perfection, and it was such a beautiful story and the wardrobe was immense and urgh I just loved it and I wish I was in it and I dream of being Suzy and eloping with a boy scout and owning an island with him and getting married by a scout leader and dancing in my pants with my new husband. Wait... what? Did you.. say.. someth... right. Just go watch it. Now.

e x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mish Mash

It dawned on me that I have done a few 'cultural/blog-worthy' things in the past month or so that I have failed to mention, therefore I have decided this is the post where I shall inform you of these things in a very 'mish-mash' way. Leggo.

The ballet! A few weeks ago, I went out with my parents to see 'Snow White' at Sadler's Wells, which was magical. My favourite family outings are usually always to the theatre, especially when we go to the ballet together, and this did not disappoint. 

Jean Paul Gautier did all the costumes too, so I am not going to lie, I was just oggling the outfits for the majority of the show.

Dark Shadows. All I can say is 'meh'. It wasn't the worst Burton has done *cough Alice in Wonderland cough* but it lacked his usual charm and I just felt it went on a bit and the ending was not satisfactory pour moi, BUT do not let me put you off it completely! It may be your thing. Just watch and decide for yourself... Soz if you also find it mundane. At least you found out for ya self. 

Christian Louboutin exhibition. J'ADORE. The layout of the show, the collection, the writing, the photographs, the videos. Ah, it was all so wonderful! Learning about him was also one of the best parts, because I personally did not really know about his life and the history of his career, but I really do appreciate the skill and beauty of his art even more. Oh, and the shoes were all #totesamaze.

Mystery Train. This was one of the best films I have seen in a hellofa long time. It is made up of 3 different stories, which always makes me happy in films as I get bored easily and it keeps the plot fresh. They are all set in Graceland, involve Elvis (obvs) and I guess you can say they each have some sort of love story. You just have to watch it to appreciate the stories and if you do watch it or already know it, please comment and we can discuss the amazingness.

Tomorrow, I am going to see my friend Saul Fletcher's photography show, which will be immense, as always. Hopefully I will do a little review post soon, but if I don't have the time, don't be hatin'. Gurlz gotta werk.

P.S. 'Moonrise Kingdom', the new Wes Anderson film is coming out this weekend. Already made plans to see it. Buzzing with happiness. 

e x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

May Update

Hola. Yesterday I went to East London for a bit of exploring, and boy did I explore! Whenever I go, I never really venture out of my comfort zone (Blitz and Rokit) but I decided to go into all the little vintage market places and found some killer spots. There will deffo be back soon, with a whole lot more moolah.

After a tiring day walking around Brick Lane, I retired to an awesome Brooklyn-esque coffee bar for a cuppa tea and a bit of reading (Pride & Prejudice ftw). On the trip, I bought some dolphin earrings from American Apparel, and some denim short dungarees from Blitz. Literally the cutest things I have ever owned, and I feel so young and 90's in them. Win.

In other news, my mother took a couple trips to the massive Comme de Garçons sale and was kind enough to have bought be a couple rad items, such as this little pink lace-back dress and this beautiful Rodarte swimming costume. See, I have a history with this cozzie. Last year, I tried it on, but alas, it was expensive and partially see-through. OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED. It was drastically reduced, and I am deciding to ignore that it is a little see-through cuz... ya know... #yolo and stuff...

Couldn't not post this picture. 
He looks stoned from the sunlight.

Lacy back. 

Finalement, these are the Creepers I decided to get from Ebay in the end. 
They may be fake, but they are gnarly. End of.

Plans for the near future 

1. See 'Dark Shadows'
2. Go to the Louboutin Exhibition 
3. Return to Brick Lane to get a whole bunch of crap
4. Do well in my upcoming exams (preferably without having to revise)

Before you go, listen to this. It's worth it.


e x

Monday, 7 May 2012

Exams Shmexams

Not exactly. Yes, I know my life doesn't depend on these year 10 exams, but I am a worker so I am not going to be posting much on here for a while, until they are all done and dusted. Not gunna lie, there will probably be 1 or 2 posts, but let's just say I know have a legit reason to not be blogging! It's great, but my life is not very bloggable at the mo.

Latest and greatest? Watched a classic film today, called 'American Beauty'. It was similar to the dark humour of Donnie Darko, so I was obviously a happy bunny. Everyone should watch it if they haven't, and if you have, watch it again.

Creepers. They were always a pet peeve of mine (on that note, so is the phrase 'pet peeve') but yes, ever since I purchased a pair in the Easter, I have been thinking about getting another... Just might get some knock offs from Ebay. DON'T JUDGE ME.

 Also, here is my Mother's new blog! 
Please check it out and maybe even leave a lil' comment...

e x