Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fairytale of New York

Cliché song title ✔

Yesterday, I returned to Brooklyn after a blissful weekend in the Catskills. We spent our days with Duffy and the gang, hanging out at their barn, going to lakes and waterfalls, having BBQs and a campfire whilst star watching on the last night. No lies. It was perfection. As you can probably tell, I am definitely not the outdoorsy type, and with my fractured ankle and massive boot, with the crutches, there were some restrictions. However, that was one of the most memorable weekends of my entire life and I literally can't wait to go back!

As sad as it was to leave, my father and brothers had a special appointment with Thomas Hooper that couldn't be missed. As my mother and I were not getting tattooed (yet...) we went to a quaint little cinema called Nitehawk to see the new Woody Allen film, 'To Rome With Love', and it was excellent! Don't shoot me, but the only other Woody Allen film I have seen is 'Midnight in Paris', which is madness, but I have vowed to have a total marathon of his work when I'm back in London. We then went to visit Thomas and the boys whilst he was finishing father's tattoos and let me just say, HOLY GUACAMOLE. My camera is dead at the mo, so when I'm back in London I will have a mad photo post. But fo rizzle. Thomas Hooper is the man.

Cheeky blackberry photo stolen from the brother's Facebook. 
He's quite the looker.

Tonight is the night we go home, which deserves a crying emoticon :'( NYC 2K12 has been killer. See y'all when I'm back in da UK.

e x

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Off to the Lazy Meadow

Second day in NYC = vintage shopping, including my guilty pleasure purchase (string vest, and wot) watching women's soccer and hanging out. All in all, as awesome a day as ever, complete with a fab evening, spent with a group of friends, including Russell, our friend from the Tommyguns salonThomas Hooper, the epic tattoo artist who has inked my brothers and father in the past (and will be doing more on Monday!!!) and his wife Kimberly, who are all so cool it's crazy. Sorry I have almost no photographs this holiday, but it's pretty difficult, with the crutches and all. However, I do still have my little Lookbook page, so if anyone is interested, check it out. Proud to announce that I have over 800 fans now! Pretty fly for a white guy.

Tomorrow, we're going up state to the Catskills to stay at the same 'Kate's Lazy Meadow' lodge that we did a couple years back, which is so rad and exciting and gah I can't wait to hang out at Duffy's and Lucy's place again! Their barn is awesome and the massive group of friends down there just make it even more perfect, so there will be a post about all of that happy stuff either on Monday, if I can be that efficient, or when I get back from New York on Wednesday. Hopefully there will be some tales to tell, and if not, I will just show you pretty pictures of the stream. And of Duffy's beard.

Hasta la vista.

e x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hobbling in Brooklyn

The first day of this trip was marvy, as we went to the Whitney Museum to see the  retrospective of Yayoi Kusama and then to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see 'Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations'. Kusama's work was phenomenal and as an artist she was so ahead of her time. The second show was such an interesting concept that I forgave it for not being very well planned out ie. the way it was set out, but it's always fun to drool over vintage couture and Prada, so I was a happy bunny.

After being cultural n shizzle, my Mother and I took our traditional shopping trip to Reformation. Me oh my, it was all so pretty and Miley-esque (okay, don't be hatin', I used to despise her but c'mon, she is a goddess now she is past her cowboy boots and Hannah Montana days). It was a successful trip and as always, pictures will be up soon. There was also a little trip to American Apparel, which is just as over priced and average as always, but I still bought some pieces, including bright turquoise... wait for it... disco shorts. Please don't kill me, but it is my mission to make them 'werk'. Yes, I may fail miserably, but at least I don't wear them with Jeffrey Campbells and a bedazzled bralet (like the rest of North London girls) but imma stop ma self b4 i get 2 nasti!!!!! ;-) 

Report back tomorrow with more tales from New York!

e x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Middle class rebellion

This title is pretty much the epitome of what happened yesterday. My friend thought it would be fun to climb over the fence between the park and sneak into Highgate Cemetery, and I am a fool and agreed. It was all fine and dandy until we had to climb back over the said fence and I plummeted to my near death and fractured my ankle (mind you, I am 5 ft so that was like... a whole 6-7 ft). 
My excuse was 'yolo' but we all know that's just slang for 'I'm a massive noob'. Best part? I was informed after the whole shambles of it all that it's free entrance. On the bright side, I got a gnarly boot for it, which I put stickers on, and I have already bedazzles my crutches. Remember who u talkin' to, gurrrl. Another glorious piece of info? NEW YORK CITY, HERE I COME.

e x