Monday, 26 September 2011

Yes, I am alive!

Hola, chicos! Wanted to make sure anyone out there knows I am still here, but nothing much is happening with me at the moment. Some interesting news? My birthday is in 1 week exactly, so I will post if I get anything particularly cool and bloggable. Also, this weekend I am modeling for my mum's friend, Michelle, who makes dresses and I have always loved them. Her label is called 'No Angels' and she makes beautiful dresses for children and she has chosen me to model them! If I get any pictures (and I deem them not totally cringey and awful) they will be on here soon.


e x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bear Necessities

My Spirithoods grizzly bear hat arrived today!!! Obviously, I immediately created a Lookbook outfit and posted about it on there, but as this is my first love of a blog/fashion website, I thought I should share on here that it came and I am in love with it!

Sorry about my small and not very stimulating posts recently, I am at school and nothing very stylish is going on and everything is pretty average and unimportant in my life. (Who am I kidding? I ooze importance and style in this white bread world)
If anyone is reading this, please do not shun my blog due to my lack of posting as I will probably show you my new leotard and leggings when they arrive and London fashion week is coming up so I may do a post on my favourite shows there. Let's not forget my birthday on the 3rd of October which will most likely come with a post on all the bits and bobs I get. So far my wish list involves various badges from Ebay, including a Glee one, some Mighty Boosh, Harold and Maude ones, Adam and the Ants, naturally, and some Smiths, Nirvana and Joy Division in the mix too. Yes, what a collection I shall parade on my school bag, but let's face it. It's pretty casual for me as I already have blue hair and a real fox tail on a keyring dangling from my school bag. Ain't no Polly Pocket life for me.

e x

Saturday, 10 September 2011

They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.

The other day I ordered a skeleton leotard and leggings from Black Milk and the most adorbs hat from Sprithoods and right now is the most exciting part of online shopping - waiting for the items to arrive. I'm simply tingling with anticipation! *cue the cringing*. The leggings and leotard will be warn as casual clothes but I am also going to wear them on Halloween with a grey hoodie, et voila, Donnie Darko. Or just a skeleton for people who haven't seen the bestest film like in the entire universe. Like ever.

e x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Goodbye, Summer 2011

Alas, my spectacular 2 months full of unfulfilled wishes (ie "Wow, I wish I went out and did spontaneous fun things and didn't 'waste' my whole day watching Glee re-runs" but that is politically incorrect as any time spent watching Glee is not 'wasted') and freedom (being able to watch Glee re-runs all day) are over. But really, this summer has been immense. My 2 weeks in America were killer, as always, I discovered Lookbook and I am going to keep that up when I can (Ooh, look at me sporting my ravishing faeces coloured shapeless school jumper and my arousing orthopedic loafers) and also, my love affair with polaroids.

The thought of next summer makes me psyched for about 4 seconds, then I realize I have about 300 days until that, so as of tomorrow my life will be packed with homework, revision, early nights (pft, sure) and early mornings. At least I get to laugh at the new year 7s. Apart from Kate Moss' daughter, natch.

e x