Saturday, 31 December 2011

Paris, Je T'aime

My parents and I took a 2 day trip to Paris, which was probably the best way to end the year! We spent time with our friends Laurent and Hiro, we walked for hours, we swam in the amazing pool at our hotel, Hotel Costes, and best of all, we shopped! 2 t-shirts from one of my favourite shops, Collette, a hat from Comme des Garçons, and maybe one of the most amazing things I have ever owned. A rabbit fur cape. Sorry to all those anti-fur people out there, but I am a total vegetarian who loves rabbit fur. Deal with it. Overall, it was some of the best days of my 2011. What were yours?

Quick photo shoot before roaming the streets of Paris...

We got this John Waters t-shirt and the Chet Baker t-shirt, in a sweatshirt grey, from Collette.

Me looking pretentious, walking around Paris in a Comme des Garçons hat and a rabbit fur cape, holding a rose and a fish eye camera. #indieproblems

You can see where I get my charisma from.


e x

Monday, 26 December 2011

Crimbo 2011

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Here is the Boxing Day post I promised where I will show you some of the killer prezzies Santy Claus brought for me (and Milo)...

Immense star earring

Fisheye camera

American Apparel goodies

Japanese false nails

Annick Goutal perfume

Versace for H&M top and leggings

My b-e-a-utiful Miu Miu shoes!

Remember I told you about Duffy Jewellery here ? Well, at that show I had my eye on these 3 necklaces that were skull versions of the 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' monkeys. As there are 3 children in my family I begged Father to buy one for each of us, but alas, he did not. Then, when opening the presents, my brothers and I all came upon a package, all the same shape and size, addressed to each of us. My parents said we could swap if we wanted, and I knew exactly what was inside! In the end, we decided that the quietest of us got the 'speak no evil' (clearly not me), which was Con. The one who doesn't listen, i.e Finn, received the 'hear no evil'. That left me with 'see no evil', which is apt, as I have the eye sight of a 70 year old man. We were all happy monkeys.

Finn's 'hear no evil' skull necklace

My 'see no evil' skull necklace

All in all, a phenomenal Christmas with lots of presents, good times and wonderful memories. Feeling very thankful.

Cue the 'aaawwwww's.

e x

Thursday, 22 December 2011


This afternoon my Mother, my Grandma and I went to The Berkeley Hotel to have afternoon tea, but this was no normal afternoon tea. No, it was a divine themed tea with a menu of, quote, delicacies with a fashionista twist. It was as good as it sounds, and definitely perfect for pre Christmas time, as what is more festive than afternoon tea with Mumsy and Grandma. (Read that in a ridiculous Chelsea accent for full effect). Here are a few photos from the event:

Just because my Mother let me borrow her Chanel and I wanted to document the rare occasion...

That would be the most incredible tea, named 'Amazing Apple', and a Miu Miu glittery winter spiced biscuit.

Fashion and fancies; what more is a fashionista to ask for?


See you on Boxing Day for a present post!

e x

Friday, 16 December 2011

This is England '88

Good evening, all. Finally, the Christmas holiday is here! Now I can sleep and watch films for 3 weeks, and somewhere in between all of that, I am going to Paris for a couple days, so that'll be blogged about, fo' sho'. Right now, though, I want to talk about the sensation that is This is England. Shane Meadows has truly outdone himself with the latest addition to his franchise. Usually, when there are sequels it just gets a bit worn out and disappointing, but this is the complete opposite. The film was immensely moving and captivating, then This is England '86, which was a 4 part series, just topped it off with the raw and intense story lines that developed from the characters we met in the film, and then the latest 3 part series was mind blowing. You hear and read the interviews with the cast, and they try to really express just how emotion the process of filming is, but it is only clear to you why when you watch it. The acting is ridiculously realistic; you feel as if you are literally watching the lives of these young people and how their relationships and lives develop every 2 years. It's easily the best thing of television this year, but that's not biggie because the majority of television now it pure rubbish (not including Grey's Anatomy and Glee... they have a special spot in my heart, deal with it) but I'm telling you now, this winter holiday you are going to forget the crappy Christmas specials of Eastenders or whatever contemptible drivel it is that they play on telly now, and you are going to spend you day watching the entire film, the '86 series and the '88 series. You will laugh a lot, you may cry a lot, and your life will be changed. Plus, I always get some sartorial inspiration from it, so that's my 'fashion' aspect of this post done!

e x

Monday, 5 December 2011

Welcome Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and that is a fact! My christmas list is composed of the usual suspect - clothes, DIY things and other bits 'n' bobs. Last year, I received the most phenomenal trainers to grace this planet - my Christian Louboutins. This year, I am receiving these Miu Miu shoes I have been eyeing for quite some time now, and I have decided my new rule for christmas is that it is imperative that I get some sort of bling-ed out shoe that includes diamonds, studs, glitter or all of the above. Seems reasonable. There are also some little bits that I am getting, so I know that this is gonna be a good year for gifts!

Some super tacky yet super awesome 3D Japanese nail art stickers

Unicorn mug

Those are all the presents I know about, but when I have everything I will do a big ole' post with plenty of pictures of me smiling like an idiot with joy on Christmas day.

e x