Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gleeked Out

Saturday June 25. A day I will never forget.
The Glee Live Tour 2011.
I went. I screamed. I sang.
Oh yes, I most definitely did Gleek out.

e x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Memories of Innocence

Last night my parents and I went to one of the Duffy brother's (there are 3, all names beginning with J, look the same, keep up!) Jewellery show in East London. The collection was titled 'Memories of Innocence' and was immensely beautiful. The pieces were dark, sleek and sharp... literally. My favourites were a swan ring, a rat necklace and my ring. Yes, I already called dibs on it! Despite requesting to purchase everything my Father said he may get me the aforementioned ring.


I know you are drooling right now.
Here was my reaction -

My precious *deactivate Gollum voice*

Duffy is easily my favourite Jewellery designer as I am into the gothic style but the detail and care that he puts into every single ring, necklace and bracelet is phenomenal and another reason to love it more and if it were up to me I would own every single piece! It was an awesome night, checking out the bling (I'm ghetto now, deal with it) and seeing the whole Duffy clan was great as they are the best family, like, EVER. Plus, I met Erin O'Connor, who was actually hosting the evening, and she was awesome, and as we share the best name ever she insisted we had a photo taken together. After much needed persuading (HA, right) I agreed. I'll put it on a post (and possibly my bedroom wall) soon, don't worry. All in all, it was bomb diggity (see, G4L *cough* Gangsta for life *cough*).

e x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Freedom from the Wrath of Steel... Wires

Yesterday was one of the most significant days of my entire 14.6 years. Yes, I was freed from the metal wires and elastic bands and agonizing pain. Okay, it wasn't that awful, but still... I GOT MY BRACES OFF. And it feels/felt freaking awesome.

The obligatory 'before & after' shots:

Another thing that made yesterday immense? My Mother and I were at the beloved Dover Street Market and she finally agreed to purchase a Christopher Kane galaxy print vest for me! My eyes have been on it for literally a year now and I can not wait to wear it. As we were at Dover Street we saw Alex, who works there and is a good friend and possibly the most stylish man alive, and he took us (in secret!) to see some pieces from the new Céline collection. As always, beautifully made, crisp, classic, beauts. My Mother actually has one of the lovely bags from this collection and I intend on stealing it. Obviously I did not get anything due to the slight cost issue, but Alex gave me this purple heart Comme de Garçon Play t-shirt for free!!! Told you he was wicked cool.

Excuse my awful 'iPhone-Mirror-Facebook-esque' photography...

e x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Technical Glitch

So I told you guys about my recent adoration for Look Book, which is a website where people post their outfits and you can follow people, essentially like a fashion blog. As I obviously love blogging and fashion, I made an account. Now, I am usually pretty good with the computer shizzle, but I tried to make a widget for my Look Book account on my Blogspot blog so y'all can click on it and be directed to my Look Book page, but it didn't work. Oh well, just wanted to inform you of my 'other blog' so... follow!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I love short shorts, you love short shorts, we all scream for... hang on.

Hey hey hey everyone! So, summer has arrived and there is only a mere matter of weeks left of school (hardly work now, c'mon) and I am going to the Glee Live Tour with my 2 buds in 18 days! Beyond excited for that, and another thing I am psyched about? My Runwaydreamz shorts arrived today! Yes, I am totally in love and they were definitely worth the wait. High waisted denim cut off shorts (short shorts, obvs) are my summer staple for 2011 and these fit the bill. Thank you, Runwaydreamz! You fulfill my dreamz. Ha... ha. Jokah.


e x