Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Music Buds

HEY. I mentioned that me and my good friend Tilda shared the same taste in tunage, but what I did not mention was that my awesome friend Stella ALSO has impeccable taste in moosic. Here are some of my favorite songs that they introduced me to:
This is mine and Tilda's jam:

That is all I can be bothered to do at the moment. Laters... on.

Don't worry. She doesn't always look like this.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Winter Is Upon Us

Why, hello there. Here is a quick winter update. I recently went on a lucrative trip to Selfridges and bought some killer tights, a jumper and some insane boots. Check out the photos. I also purchased a very retro looking slip dress from Topshop. Very '30s chic. I went to Marc by Marc Jacobs, how cool is that place? I especially love Hugo, by the way. In there I bought this awesome zip necklace, only £11, KA-CHING. On another note, I am a huuuuge Twilight fan but I have still not managed to see New Moon yet. It is only a matter of time before I become obsessed with that too. The soundtrack is pretty good from what I have heard. On the music scene, I am loving The Fleet Foxes {again} for a winter kinda feel. I have been listening to old music at the mo, as there are no good new songs. Joy Division are incredible as always and the Smiths too. Anyone listen to Morrissey on Desert Island Discs? Genius. My great friend Tilda is probably the only person who shares the same taste in music as me... who is also 13. We are a pretty rocking pair of buddys. Woop woop. She has introduced me to some amazing bands such as: The Temper Trap, Mumford & Sons and a whole lot more. I will have some more music posts soon-ish. ENJOY :)

All Saints boots. Rather groovy.

Topshop tights. Pretty, huh?

Topshop coat. SO COSY IT IS INSANE.

The b-e-a-utiful Topshop dress. LAAV ITT.

This is my partay look. Topshop jumper, American Apparel skirt, Topshop tights,
Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Winter Blues

Okay, so it is November in London. That means: dark, damp, miserable, FREEZING, and tons of homework. But, believe it or not, Winter is my favourite time of the year. LOL. Why, you may ask? Well, let's face it, you get to 'layer'. Think about it, you get to wear your favourite stuff at once. That is always a good'en. Also, in the Winter times I look like a vampire. SCORE. Not due to any cosmetic potions, but basically my freckles fade and my hair gets darker, plus, my Irish skin makes me look kinda see through! I could pass for a Cullen, which is always a good thing in my book. More importantly, I get to start my Christmas wish list, which this year includes:

1. Clothes {naturally}
2. Money, to buy clothes
3. Retro record player so I can dance around like a fool, in my new clothes.

OH YEAH, NEARLY FORGOT, I know Halloween was yonks ago but seeing at it is one of the best holidays ever, I think I need to write a little bit about it. This year I spent it with a few friends, one of them including my male friend, Tomer, who wore Uggs, jeggings, an Abercrombie t-shirt and a bra, over the top that is. Priceless. Tomer, I will save you form the blushing as I will not put the photos on here. You owe me big time, man. Me and my good pal Kim were Batman and Batgirl.

The awesome cake Kim and I made. Truly Scrumptious.

Me and Kim. Yes, I do have 'Be jealous' written on my sternum.
Gotta problem with that?
Me: dress Fancy dress shop, shoes Vivienne Westwood with Melissa, bag Luella
Kim: shoes Doc Martins, socks {our school hockey socks}, very un-visible shorts Topshop, blazer Luella, vest American Apparel, bow Accessorize.

Some of my newest Winter favourites:

Vivienne Westwood Melissa heels, tights Topshop. J'ADORE.

All Saints sleevless leather studded jacket. Very cool.

H&M dress. Affordable and gorgeous. My favourite combo :)

Music makes me lose control

Seeing as I am a HUGE fan of all types of music, I think I should write about my favourite artists and what not. Here we go.

At the moment, I love the Smiths as always, Mumford & Sons are pretty awesome, Fleet Foxes, Jeff Buckley will always be at the top of my list, Kings of Leon are good and I am lovin' Florence & the Machine. Here are some of my Winter favourites :

Maybe that is enough for today. Trust me, ALOT more to come. LATERS.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Erin's Autumn Outfit.

  Went on a well loved trip to Dover Street Market. Honestly, a girl could just spend days and days there. The crew there are immensely cool. Alex, Kamel, Daisy and Kumiko; they always make you feel like royalty. They always find the most amazing things that actually fit me, which is hard. Trust me. You gotta love 'em!

Jumpsuit Pendleton meet Opening Ceremony, Shoes Comme de Garcons, Belt Clements Ribero.

Take a look at these bad boys. PPRRRRR...

Blue Steel with my new BFF Kate. A water colour by the 2 and only Jake & Dinos Chapman.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


  Sorry for being so late on this one, but now that I am back at school there comes the issue of 'homework'. Also, it was my 13th birthday and I had a partay to organise. See below for photos. But back to business.

London Fashion Week
 Thanks to my friend Duffy I managed to get some front row seats at Ashish. Be jealous. This was styled by Celestine Cooney. Check her blog out, very cool indeed. The show was SPARKLY. I like sparkly. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed being there ON THE FRONT ROW. No biggie. DARLINGS.

Ashish, unique and very strong. Awesome. 

Ashish collaborated with Nike. I want these shorts sooo bad.

Like I said before, sparkly . This reminds me, when is the next trip to New York scheduled?

 After the Ashish show I went to see LPBG. The collection is well tailored and I had my eye set on this short jumpsuit. I mentioned it to Ben that maybe it would be a really good idea to make a small version for me just for the hell of it! Maybe that was wishful thinking but she agreed immediately. SCORE.

LPBG, tailored to perfection, feminine and pretty. LUSM.

These girls are gunna be big, I can tell ya.

Well well, who is this? 
Shirt Comme de Garcons, Skirt No Angles, Tights Topshop, Saddle shoes Bass.


Thursday, 10 September 2009


  Okay, before we continue, I gotta say that before the Rankin photo shoot all I knew about Oxfam was that they had some interesting shops. Occasionally, you might even find a funky vintage piece in there. But thanks to Rankin I now know that Oxfam are an international organization that work with communities to improve the lives of the poor around the World. They seek to end poverty and injustice. They raise awareness and lots of cash to help combat Global repression. Rankin Live was an event where you could not only view his work, but could actually be photographed by the man himself, and naturally yours truly couldn't resist. 
So, here is a BIG thumbs up to Rankin! 

Little old me again. Vintage Band Jacket, flea market NYC. p-p-p-poker face.

Finn looking edgy. Out there. Vintage zipper Jacket, Revolver surf shop.
Tshirt Swinger Diner, L.A.

Blue steel. He will kill me for that one. Mean, moody and mod. 
Check button down shirt Fred Perry.

Me with the man himself, the Rank-miester. Boy, he sure can take a picture.

 Wanna know more about the awesome Rankin?
 Do yourself a favor, check out Oxfam!


Friday, 21 August 2009

L.A stylinn'

 Derek is our sartorial ambassador of culture in L.A. He directs us to all the coolest restaurants and killer shops. He has got IMMENSE style and is always impeccably dressed. He has worked at Fred Segal's on Melrose for 10 years, impressive huh, and you know when it's NOT Derek's day off work 'cause the speakers are blasting killer music and the energy is high :) As he said,  "I wouldn't wanna work here if I wasn't here". LEGEND.

waist coat Haider Ackermann, tank top and sweat shorts Rick Owens, leather leggings, Haider Ackermann, boots vintage,
gold necklace Lanvin, wrist band Carol Christian Puell.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

I love Retrospecs :)

 Hey, here are my new glasses, original safety frames from the 60's. WORD

Exactly what I wanted. Thank you Hans!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Bow Accessorize, T-shirt Comme de Garcons, Blazor Ralph Lauren, Denim Shorts Topshop, Shoes Melissa

 Back at the beloved Chateau Marmont. :D I have been coming here for the last 10 years and it is practically my favourite place on earth. Not only because it is UBER cool, but more importantly it is a stones throw from the most immense shops EVER.
 Okay, our first sunny morning we drove to 'The Inn Of The Seventh Ray' for brunch. It was like a fairy tale wedding reception. There was a fountain in the middle of it all, que my first photo opportunity of the trip :)

 Dress Bloomingdales NYC, Sandals Perlatobis Biarritz, Glasses Oliver Peoples

 So anyways, after a great brunch we stumbled upon 'Hidden Treasure', how apt. It is this awesome vintage store, filled with amazing items from the 20's to the 70s's. Of course I had a blast trying on all the goodies, before I found two blouses and a radical skort{shorts and skirt}

Outfit- Hidden Treasue

 The next day, and i'm just getting warmed up here, we visted a shop called 'Opening Ceremony'. It is a bit like Dover Street Market, as it is a mix of all the top and new designers. A girl could spend hours and hours in here. :) Here, I got my Vivienne Westwood/Melissa sandals. The look and smell like candy! YUM :)

Shorts Topshop, Shirt Hidden Treasure, Shoes Dover Street Market


I was served by two very upbeat L.A locals who were super helpful and cool. Thanks guys!

 Later that afternoon, I took a trip to 'Retrospecs' on Melrose. It is the best opticians around! They sell original frames from the 30's right through to present day. Hans knew exactly what I wanted when I described what I was looking for; vintage, 50's and BIG :) After an epic trying on session we ended up getting the ones I first tried on, mmm, no surprise there, huh. 

Me and Hans

More adventures from the USA to come, so keep tuned, folks! :)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


The F.U.N Issue
 Glasses Oliver Peoples, Spongebob t-shirt Bape, Jeans Sable & Clutch {From my favourite store, Dover Street Market}, Vans Revolver Surf Shop.

 Here is this summer's edition of i-D, and mon frere seems to have the total Geek look down to a tee. {Without really trying} Finn, my older brother, kindly {NOT} modelled wearing my Oliver Peoples specs, with my permission and direction, of course. Okay, so Geek Chic is nothing new, but I think we would all agree there is a certain charm, and it's just a whole lotta fun dressing up like a geek. Especially when going to school, when I have customized my ever so dull 'brown' school uniform. For example, on my last week of term, can you believe I was actually asked to untuck my shirt by the deputy head? Oh, how I laughed. It seems my knee socks, penny loafers, geek glasses and my tucked shirt are the new punk, i guess. 
  By the way, this edition of i-D is worth getting if you love Spongebob and Lily Allen, like me :)
So as geeks go, they dont get more squarer or nerdyer than Spongebob.


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Welcome to erin style :)

Heyyy, welcome to erin style!!!
This is the place for all of your up to date fashion news, some of my favourite music and more.
 Killer :)