Saturday, 28 August 2010

Keep Holding On

I returned from the Catskills weekend trip yesterday and it was a great experience. Met some awesome people, hung out and went to Woodstock! Bought this awesome tie-dye tee there, pictures will be up soon. For now, I bid you farewell, here is a photo that I hope y'all enjoy.

Friday, 27 August 2010


Hello my little chickies. I am guessing you are going to question the title to this post, and I will tell you about it in a sec! Summary of second day - VERY good. I bought some in-sah-haaaannnee (insane) clothes, AND, the famous '15 dollar sunglasses'!!! My day in pictures:

Walked past this adorable ice-cream truck, obviously I had to take a photo!

This is Russel, my dad's friend and amazing barber. How awesome does he look?!
Taken in Tommy Guns, coolest hairdressing salon in New York! P.S His wife actually reads the blog, score! If you are reading, thank you so much :)

The inside, and me outside, of this killer shop called 'Reformation'. The stuff is so cool, like a mix between Taylor Momsen and maybe Kaya from Skins? Doesn't sound so good but it is like them combined but like a thousand times better!
Skirt Urban Outfitters, Shirt Tricofield, Vest American Apparel, Shoes Minnetonka.

What I bought: Dark grey cropped top with this rocking back tie detail... thing. Just look at the picture of me wearing it and you will get it :P I also purchased 2 pairs of shorts, both black and kind of high waisted. One of the pairs (right) are a bootiful lace and the others have this kind of spider-web-esque lace around the leg holes... wahay, that was a terrible description but there are photos, people!

Not sure where my cardigan is from, but Top and Shorts Reformation, Shoes Converse.
Check out my mad posing skills.

Miu Miu hair clip, J'ADORE!

American Apparel Bikini. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 50's high waisted bikini bottoms.

Tricofield shirt I bought yesterday. Sweeeet.

The Famous Sunglasses. For 15 bucks? HELL TO THE YEAH!

Off to the Catskills, be back in a couple days!

Catch you later, calculator.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

First Full Day in NYC

Yesterday was our first whole day, on this trip here, in New York. It rained. STILL, it is New York so I can not complain! Anyways, here are the photos from the adventure so far:

Picked up from the Airport in a Limo. Dat's how we roll.

Across the road from our hotel, LML! Bought a sweatshirt-grey tee from here with that logo. It's rad, I will have a picture of it on here when I get around to taking a photo.

Hotel on Rivington, swanky stuff.

I don't show a lot of pictures of my brothers on my blog, but some times they blow me away with their amazing fashion choices and beauty, as shown in these pictures:

Conor wearing my Luella bow. WORKING IT GUUURRRLLL.

Finnbarr looking ravishing my accessorize bow. That smile is truly... something else.

NO, my Father and I did not take these photographs whilst my brothers were asleep... pft, why would you even say such a thing?! They just close their eyes... in pictures... yeah, I am sticking with that story. Back to the blog!

In the lift and the front entrance of the hotel wearing my new Zara jumper, my new Zara brogues and some black leggings (not sure where they are from :P)

Went to the amazing Japanese shop, Tricofield, and bought a killer shirt that I am wearing today, so I will take a photo and it will be up later. We also went to Betsy Johnson where they had this gorgeous dress in a size zero!!! That is veeerrrryyyy rare, so I had to try it on, obvs. The really nice shop assistant brought me the matching shoes too. I felt like a princess (HAAAm sorry, sounds so lame but true) and my Father offered to buy it for me as a birthday present (OCTOBER 3RD) and I was thrilled but I can't commit myself like that! I asked if I could go to Dover Street and choose some presents instead, so I am still a happy bunny. LUCKILY, I got a photo of me in the outfit anyways, score!

Outfit: Betsy Johnson, duh. Socks... probably like Marks & Spencer.
Something high fashion and practically Couture like that. Maybe it was even Primarks! Fan-cay.

My evening outfit: Skirt and lace Leotard Urban Outfitters, Cardigan Zara, Bow Luella, Shoes Converse. Not a fan of this photo but I thought I might as well put my outfit on the blog.

Oh yeah, also, I thought I should tell you for the sake of it, I went to see 'Eat Pray Love' with my Mother whilst it was raining yesterday. It was pretty good and I recommend it. ALSO, I am really really really looking forward to seeing the new film about Facebook, can't remember the name. Well, the advert makes it look pretty good and the song in the ad is a choir version of 'Creep' by Radiohead, which is one of my favourite songs of all time, so it looks like a winner. PLUS, Justin Timberlake is in it, ha!

I am off to start my second day here,
pictures and updates will be coming your way!


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Je suis arrivé!

Impressed by my top French skills shown in the title of this post? Mhm. If you are not a natural at 'le Francais' (that probably doesn't translate correctly, but hey, it sounds like I know what I am talking about) it means... I HAVE ARRIVED!!!!! I am in my swanky hotel room right now, unpacked and ready to hit the cit-ay. Blimey, I have missed New York. Can't wait to post about my adventures here for the next week... stay tuned :)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Pre-New York Trip Post

IN 24 HOURS I WILL BE ON THE PLANE TO MY BELOVED NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!! As you may be able to tell I am a tiiiiny bit excited. Just a smidge. (AAHHHH :D :D :D :D). Playing it cool is my angle, obviously. Anyways, I am thrilled and I will be bringing my laptop so I will try my hardest to update the blog regularly with news from the trip along the way. This is just a short 'n' sweet post about how incredibly excited I am about my holiday and a few photos that I didn't post last time and some more new clothes (yes, more clothes already, and I haven't even started shopping in NYC! My closet will over flow, WOOO! :)

Me at the Hermes stand at Port Eliot. They use one of their fancy scarves and tie it in a cool way to suit your outfit. Playsuit Urban Outfitters, Shoes Vans, Scarf/Headband Hermes (duh)

Jumper and Shoes Zara. 60's or what?

T-shirt Zara, Gloves and Hat Dover Street Market. How adorable?!?!

Wearing my new hat, excuse my just-out-of-the-shower hairstyle.
T-shirt Lanvin- stole it from my Mum :)

Close up.

New - Lace Leotard Urban Outfitters.
Older items - Chanel tattoos + Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke (!!!)
Did ya know I did a German homework presentation on Karl Lagerfeld one time? You do now.

Close up of the leotard. Ain't is perty?!

This is the drawing that Dinos Chapman, a family friend and INSANE artist, did for my Dad. My Brothers and Dad are getting tattoos done by Thomas Hooper in NYC! Anyways, this is the design my Father is going to have done on his arm.

My Chanel tattoo. Who needs Thomas Hooper when you have a wet sponge and an
un- permanent CHANEL tattoo? :P

My Mothers tattoo. We match, how hip are we?

I am off to pack and look forward to our early flight to....

New York, New York!!!!

P.S It's a hell of a town :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

UPDATE Summer '10: Up and Running

Howdy, again I apologize for my terrible late posts but hey. I am busy, it is summer after all! Even if when I say busy I mean watching the entire collection of Desperate Housewives. (If any of you want to know, I am approaching Season 6. NEARLY THERE!) BACK TO BLOG BUSINESS:
A few weeks ago I attended the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall. It was awesome. There was music, poetry, cooking, fashion, YOU NAME IT. Very creative, along with some... interesting characters. Yes, interesting. I will show you a few pictures from the weekend adventure.


In the fashion tent undergoing the transformation.

After the outfit was assembled and the (play glitter) make up was pasted on my eyes. Yes, it is green. Mmm. This was a cool experience but I wasn't thrilled. Sorry to be a joy kill!

Full view with the family.
By the way, to keep this a fashion blog, those boots are from All Saints, the shorts are Topshop and the T-shirt is Luella.

Latest buys:
LOVE these bad boys. Practically live in them. Comfort+Coolness = happy Erin.

Urban Oufitters Skirt (x2)

Urban Outfitters Boots

There are also some un-pictured brown brogues from Zara that I will be wearing for my next year of school. A few American Apparel tank tops and this navy Zara cardigan that has these camel-coloured elbow patches. BASICALLY, my summer shopping has been goooood!

Next on agenda for Erin's Summer 2010.....

Me and the family are taking one of our beloved trips to New York for a week. LOVE MY LIFE!
To make it even better, we are going up to the Catskills (spelling?) for a weekend, which is basically the countryside of New York, just outside of the cit-ay. Cannot wait!

Well, that is all I can remember to update so far. Hope summer is going well for you guys! (Still not sure who I am talking to here, but before I go, thank you random people who bother to read this 'fashion blog'. I appreciate it, really I do, but please, COMMENT or contact me of whatever. I would love to know if anyone/who actually reads this thang. Apart from you, dad. Hi dad. Talking of dad, maybe pepper jermaine reads this! Private joke, don't even ask.)

Wow, that was a long bracketed section of writing.

Seeing as I still doubt that this blog gets any views, I thought I would share this with 'you all'. C'mon, I can not deprive the internet of such a flattering photograph. The double chin is working for me.