Friday, 27 January 2012


Last night I watched 'Leon' starring Jean Reno and a young Natalie Portman. I've been meaning to watch this as it is a classic and, hello, it has 13 year old Natalie Portman in it. This is definitely one of my favourite films now, and it's safe to say I wish I was a 13 year old girl living in New York with Reno, being trained to be a hitman. And wear completely awesome, patterned crop tops and shorts that clash, yet still look amazeballs.

e x

Monday, 23 January 2012

Piercing, Music and Musings

Okay, so you know how drug addicts are always just looking forward to their next hit? That's how I feel with ear piercings. Every time I get one, I am just thinking about the next part of my ear I can get done. Alas, ears are small and there are only so many you can get, and I am SO not the kind of girl who can work a nose piercing (like mah homeguuurrl Holly) but I never really mentioned my piercings on the blog so I thought I owed you these pictures (plus nothing very fashionable is happening in my life at the mo, unless Physics tests are 'so hot right now')...

Courtesy of my Instagram, obvs.

The beautiful Holly herself, looking bad ass with the nose stud.
Jealousy x10000!

Now, onto music. As you know, I am not really good at keeping up to date with music, for example I am still not sure I have ever heard any 'Rizzle Kicks' songs, but I am sure that they are both extremely good looking. Back to business, though. Here are a few tunes I have been into at the moment -

(Okay, let's be honest, when am I ever not into The Weeknd? Never ever ever ever.)

Now for the musings... This is a belated 'New Year's' kind of thing, but just go with it.

New Year's resolutions are just not my thing. They make me stressed and I am naturally quite a determined person, much to the 'delight' of my parents on some occasions, so I usually just don't make any. However, this year is a little different. My first New Year's resolution is to post more on my blog and Lookbook, even if the posts are small or completely irrelevant. They'll be up at least once a week, so please persist with me, I really do love everyone who reads this blog! (On that note, if you do read my ludicrous ramblings I would actually adore it if you sent me a message via commenting on my posts, or Facebook and Lookbook! Don't be afraid, it makes you cool, not a creeper!). Another one of my resolutions is to do more D.I.Y in my spare time. Last summer, I had my little shorts customizing business which was super fun, and actually put money towards buying a new camera! As I have mentioned before, I am a devoted reader of 'Rookie Mag', and there are always creative and quirky D.I.Y projects on there. Luckily, for Christmas I received a glue gun, so this will come in handy when I am manically bejeweling every item of clothing I own. First on the list - bejeweled tights, glitter shoes and a detachable collar. As y'all know, I am a film junkie, so I watch oodles of films all the time, but this year I am going to start watching more foreign films. Subtitles sometimes annoy me, but I will seem more cultured and arty, so whatevs... (kidding). Lastly, I want to start being more creative with my look. There's obviously only so much I can do, because I am not going to get some edgy haircut or buy a whole new alternative wardrobe, but it is more to do with styles I wear, hair do's and make up. This means no more pyjama/ponytail/bare face ruts! Bien-sur, this is not going to be a rule for every day (what with the school schedule and all) but on the weekends I am going to make more of an effort. Creativity will also mean getting more inspiration, like from Rookie Mag, and hopefully I will be able to find some more inspirational blogs this year. Getting inspiration from art galleries is also something I love, so I will try to go to more exhibitions and shows, which starts when I go to see Lucian Freud in February. FINALLY, vintage shopping is something that I do not participate in often enough, and it is phenomenal how much cheaper it can be for something a bajillion times cooler than on the high street, so that starts soon, most likely with Holly!

e x

Friday, 20 January 2012


OkayohmygoshIcannotevenbreathrightnow. The title totally gives the reason away, and yes. My life is complete. I AM GOING TO COACHELLA 2012!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH this is literally what love feels like. Will be back when I have found a way to stop doing my happy dance and singing 'going to Coachella, lalalalalala'.

e x

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Film Fanatic

This blog is predominantly a 'fashion blog', so to speak, but as all those readers out there know (hi dad) I like to mix it up. Sometimes I will post about a t.v show I am fan-girling over, or music I am jamming to at the mo, or talking about holidays or just my life in general. What you may not know is that I am a film junkie. When I have no plans for the day, I spend it in the dark, like a vampire, clad in trackies (shock horror, I do not always wear fancy shoes and skirts) and wrapped up like a pig in a blanket with my dog, Milo, in my house's new cinema room. You're right in thinking that I come out looking like this...

(Lil' tumblr reference there...)

But, as I have no fashion related shananigans to ramble about, I thought I would give you some of my own ratings of the new-to-me films I watched this winter holiday. However, rating films using stars are too mainstream for my indie self (please, acknowledge the sarcasm intended) so I shall rate them using my dog's head. Enjoy.

Both Swedish and English versions -

(Read the book this holiday, then re-watched the film - deffo up there as a favourite book and film with 'American Psycho' and 'We Need To Talk About Kevin')

By the way, right now I am reading the book because I loved the film so much!

That was a rather generous rating, mind you...

Don't judge, I am a musical lover at heart, deal with it!

Those are all the films I recall watching, but if I remember any I will post 'em on up. This will probably be a regular installment on the blog, because Milo's head is a genius way to judge films, in my humble opinion.

Back to school on Monday. Better squeeze in a full on movie day tomorrow, so be ready for some more ratings!

e x