Saturday, 30 April 2011

PJ Harvey

Saul Fletcher, the incredible photographer/artist and friend, gave me a couple CDs to listen to the other day. So far, I have listened to PJ Harvey, and it is awesome! The songs are killer, her voice is really unique, the songs are very good and the CD even has a booklet inside that includes the lyrics and also immense photography by Cat Stevens, who I love! Thank you Saul, I'll be listening to the other CD very soon, I'm sure I will love it!

Here are some more songs on the CD -

e x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Whip it real good.

Today I watched the 2009 film 'Whip It' starring Ellen Page. Definitely worth seeing, especially if you liked 'Juno' as Ellen retains her quirk and charm in this film. Also, I adore Drew Barrymore (RHYME) who stars in and directed it, so it was a doozy!

The film's wardrobe consisted of roller skates (duh), fishnets and shortened/slashed/customized school and Girl's Scouts uniforms. Hott. Mass quantities of eye liner and mascara are thrown in and combined with a whole lotta girl power to make this film the kind that I love.

She rules. Enough said.

e x

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hey Duffy!

Check out my good friend Duffy on the Stylist magazine website, giving his expert advice on Spring/Summer hair trends!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Just got back from the airport, feeling exhausted, watching Glee. Over and out.

e x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Almost Forgot!

Here are the photos of the latest tattoos!

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Ending on a High Note

As I mentioned, yesterday was our last full day on our trip *cue the violins*. Yes, heartbreaking, but at least we had a killer day to top off an immense trip. After chilling in the hotel room and pooching around Soho we headed over to Dan's to have some portraits taken! We met Dan on our last trip to NYC, through Duffy, and we hung out at the Catskills with him. Seriously, the nicest guy and he sure takes a good photo! The photos I took whilst we were there are below and I will put his ones on here once he has e-mailed them to us. There is a fam portrait, single ones of each of my brothers, a single one of me and one of the Father and sons. Thanks, Dan! Once that was done we resumed to our 'pooching around' mode, buying a suit case on our way. Yes, we bought so much (well, mostly me) that we need another bag. No shame! Later in the evening we got a cab to Duffy's and Lucy's apartment in Brooklyn, where we visited a couple days ago, where they had a little get together with a bunch of awesome people. Sorry, no pictures, but it was as cool as you can imagine it to be! Pretty much the best way to end this trip. We'll be back soon, don't you worry...

Tonight I am heading to the airport and back to London. See you when I'm home...

e x

Monday, 18 April 2011

Where the Cool Kids Are

Yesterday, my parents and I saw Eugene (the immense hair dresser I did a post about a lil' while back) and his wife, new baby girl (Noon, what a name!) and adorable daughter, Rosie. The rest of the day was spent in Brooklyn with Duffy and Lucy. The streets were full of quirky characters and some killer outfits. We visited a few shops, including an awesome vintage store where I bought this Mickey Mouse Club vest, which I am wearing today, and a slouchy jumper. Vair naice, photos will be posted soon. Afterwards, we headed to their new apartment, which is super cool. Then we watched the basketball game on their projector. It was great! Here are some photos...

Top Reformation, Skirt American Apparel, Cardigan Madewell, Shoes Outlet Store in Santa Cruz.

Last full day in NYC today! Got a wicked cool day planned, see ya later!

e x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wet and Windy

New York has been experiencing some awful weather, but that doesn't mean the shopping was put on hold! Today my Mother and I spent the day in Opening Ceremony, Madewell and this book store called Strands (photos of my purchases below). My brothers and Father, on the other hand, got their tattoos done by Thomas Hooper! It's like a little tradition of theirs now, everytime they are in NYC they get another one. Like they say with childbirth (?), once you have had one you want another! Probably a strange way to describe it, but basically they are addicted. They are healing at the moment, but photos will be posted when the plasters are off. Saw a lil' peek before, they are rad, obviously. Nice one, Thomas!

Shirt Reformation, Trousers DSquared, Shoes Louboutin.

Dress Duskin at Opening Ceremony
(Also bought this delicate necklace with a small fly charm, all gold, that didn't picture well, but I'm sure you can imagine. It's fly)...

Cardigan & Vest Madewell

Tomorrow we are planning on heading to Brooklyn to check out some flea markets and cool spots with Lucy and Duffy, so that should be fun. Fingers crossed the weather is not dreadful like today!

e x

Dressing for NYC

Super quick post to show you my outfit from last night and my brother's for today:

Top + Shorts Reformation, Jacket Paul Smith, Tights Topshop, Shoes CĂ©line

In other news, my brothers and Father are getting their tattoos done by Thomas today! There will definitely be photographs coming soon!
e x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Mellow in NYC

Today was a chilled day, but nice none the less. Bought a new shirt in Tricofield (picture coming soon) and went to a couple galleries with Father, Nick and Lina. Nothing too eventful happened but I realized that taking it easy on holiday is okay. Constantly going places and doing something can be tiring and some times it's nice to mellow it all out. That is my little musing for the day. Here's my outfit for the day:

Top Reformation, Shorts American Apparel, Socks Topshop, Shoes Converse.

e x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Feelin' the Blues

Not literally, of course. New York day 2 - success! Shopped with Mother in Soho and bought a bunch in 'Pink' but it is all PJs and pants so no picture! Apart from that, I bought some shorts and skirts at 'American Apparel' and a vest and play suit from 'Forever 21'. Here are some photos for y'all...

Top American Apparel, Skirt Dover Street Market, Shoes Minnetonka, Cardigan Zara

He's so hott right now.

All above American Apparel
(All blue - coincidence, I swear!)

Playsuit Forever 21

Vest Forever 21

e x

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby (Aaahhh)

Just had to use that title. So, I'm jet-lagged and watching Grey's Anatomy until it's time to get up. This is just a casual post to share my buddy Ruby's blog with you.
Check it out!

e x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Blondes Have More Fun

First day of the trip was a success - got my hurr did (at Tommy Guns by Cat), saw some art shows (including Saul Fletcher's, amazing photographer/friend) and bought some killer clothes from my beloved 'Reformation'. Here's a re-cap in pictures:

Shirt American Apparel, Short Reformation, Tights probably M&S or something, Shoes Outlet in Santa Cruz

Fierce. Work it.

Jacket Vintage Paul Smith (hand-me-down from brother)

Hugh Jass black coffee. No milk, no sugar, no mercy.
I'm a hardcore 14 year old. Word.

Sorry, that even made me cringe.




Thanks Cat!

Saul's show - incredible. Loved the 'back-room' photos. Don't ask!

Immense trying-on session in Reformation.

All above - Reformation.

Day 1 - complete. Let the good times roll!

e x