Thursday, 10 September 2009


  Okay, before we continue, I gotta say that before the Rankin photo shoot all I knew about Oxfam was that they had some interesting shops. Occasionally, you might even find a funky vintage piece in there. But thanks to Rankin I now know that Oxfam are an international organization that work with communities to improve the lives of the poor around the World. They seek to end poverty and injustice. They raise awareness and lots of cash to help combat Global repression. Rankin Live was an event where you could not only view his work, but could actually be photographed by the man himself, and naturally yours truly couldn't resist. 
So, here is a BIG thumbs up to Rankin! 

Little old me again. Vintage Band Jacket, flea market NYC. p-p-p-poker face.

Finn looking edgy. Out there. Vintage zipper Jacket, Revolver surf shop.
Tshirt Swinger Diner, L.A.

Blue steel. He will kill me for that one. Mean, moody and mod. 
Check button down shirt Fred Perry.

Me with the man himself, the Rank-miester. Boy, he sure can take a picture.

 Wanna know more about the awesome Rankin?
 Do yourself a favor, check out Oxfam!