Sunday, 24 October 2010

Half Term Shananigans

Hey hey hey. I have had requests to update my blog more often, but my life is pretty chilled atm. Not much to report, but I will have a little ramble to hush those certain people.

My half term has been quiet so far and I am currently in Cornwall. Robin Kegel has been staying in our 'cottage' here recently. He shapes surf boards and is travelling the world. He is originally from Cali, which obvs means he has that 'laid back' approach that is really nice. This is a link to his website: and here are photos of him (from google):

My days are spent watching bad telly and... wait for it... knitting! Yes, I am a 14 year old granny. Another hobbie I have recently discovered is painting pottery. There is a little place next door to our Cornwall house where I have painted 3, yes 3, different items. I have a natural talent for it, I'm tellin' ya. OH YEAH, forgot to mention... I GOT AN IPHONE! I am pretty bad at using it, and I may have dropped it in paint at the pottery place, but it's so fun to mess around with. Changing settings, and what not.

I'm lovin' it lovin' it lovin' it.

I'm having the time of my life.

I don't want this post to have nothing to do with fashion or art or something creative, so I will show you some bits and bobs that I am liking at this moment in time.

This awesome blog:

This epic film:

These bad boys:

Did I mention I spent a few years of my childhood with the biggest Hello Kitty obsession EVER? Well, thank the lord I didn't see these during those years.

OH YAH, remember that 'Rankin Live' shoot that me and the fam went to last summer? Well, they made a book with some of their favourite photographs, a book for the men and a book for the women, and yours truly was chosen! The book arrived in the post and my Mother showed me (kept is as a surprise for me) and it is rad! Thanks, Rank...(in)!

Here is me on the Rankin website (woop):

Trends. To be honest, I dislike the term 'trends'. People have their own style so I don't see why they should feel like they have to follow a certain ' look'. Yes, I know that a lot of people out there feel more comfortable when they are 'in' with the rest of the crowd, but I feel differently. Each day I can not commit myself to a 'trend'. What is the fun of that?! If I want to dress like a granny that day, I will. If I am feeling a grunge day then I will go with that. It can be argued that those are trends in themselves, but I like to switch it up with my emotions or atmosphere of where ever I am. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of 'trends' here are some that I am a fan of, from Vogue:

Trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds. It includes quite a lot of Miu Miu, so I'm down with that.

Not quite, but rather fetching.

Well, that is no news there. Anything Miu Miu usually has me giddy.

Ooh, these are perty...


SOZ. Magpie moment. Yummy sparkles.

I will stop myself before the whole A/W collection is on here.

Another trend I am fond of, sorry animal lovers:

Yes, I like animals, but you can't wear it if it's alive now, can you?
Sorry, Cruella DeVil moment.

Hubba hubba.

May I just mention, I love John Galliano.

My last trend for today -

Those are all the 'trends' I can handle for today.

Some things I am looking forward to:

- Misfits is coming back on telly some time in November! SHWEET!

- HALLOWEEN! I actually have not got a plan this year, so don't be surprised if I end up watching a scary film at home. Alone. Preferably in the dark. Then regretting it for a week, just like I did with 'The Ring'. I watched it with my friend, in her attic, at midnight. In the dark.
I slept with the light on for two weeks. True story!

Here is a lil summin summin for y'all -


Friday, 8 October 2010

Brittany S. Pierce

I have been ill for the past week which means my days are spent watching catch up television and old chick flicks. Glee was obviously a main part of this, hence the title of this post. It gets better every episode, I swear! And the 'Grilled Cheesus;? Love it.

Now for the people who don't understand what I am talking about right now and are not Gleeks (whoever you are, you are missing out BIG TIME!) and onto something that made me very unhappy. Teen Vogue. I used to be so obsessed as it used to be incredible and fun with some great stories and photo shoots but now it's a bit... meh. Much to my disappointment, the devil child is on the front cover. That devil child is called 'Justin Beiber'. Oof, I despise even typing his name. Yeah, most girl my age have this sad and questionable obsession with him but I am far from that, my friends. I know I am not the only person in my age group who does not enjoy his high pitched 'singing' and annoying dance moves but I feel a certain dislike for him, stronger that other people's dislikes. That hardly makes sense but I just needed to get those emotions out. Eurgh, I despise him. Please check him out on the cover as I am not going to be putting a photo of him on my blog. I am not being a drama queen, but he does not belong on this particular blog. Sorry fans, but if you want some Beiber Fever blog I am sure there are plenty out there. Ooph, that feels better.

The good days. How I miss thee!

On another note, here are some shoes that my Mother purchased recently and I will inherit when my feet grow, which better be soon! They are Christian Louboutin.

Je t'aime, Christian Louboutin.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Funny lookin' strippers...

I am now 14 years old, which I find very hard to believe since I still laugh at 'Ed Edd & Eddy' and find Spongebob incredibly entertaining. Well, anyways, I went to Nobu with a few friends, my Grandma and the parents. The food was 'incredz' obviously, but the night was perfected by a drunk man and his friend. This is where the title comes from. Long story short: As we left the table to make our way home my friends and I were stopped by a posh and rather pretentious sounding man and his very drunk friend and told "The strippers don't get here until 9pm'. Oh, how we laughed. My friends and I were laughing our heads off and just went downstairs but my father being my father got the pretentious one and made him 'apologize profusely'. We just stared at our feet whilst he was giving us his lil' spiel about how his friend was not sober and how it was no excuse, blahty blah blah blah, and as soon as he left we nearly peed ourselves with laughter. Now THAT, my friends, is how to spend a 14th birthday. Like honestly, what kind of strippers has this guy seen? We looked like little girls, waddling in our high heels and wearing little birthday dresses, ya know. All in all, it was a fab night. Unfortunately, my actual birthday was spend in bed watching films and watching a chick flick on T.V with my mother. It was not a bad day, but being ill on your birthday sucks. I had to miss a day off school and who knows, maybe I will not be in tomorrow. I sounds like I am trying to be off school but I am such a nerd, I freak out when I have catch up work. We shall see how it pans out. Here are some photos from the eventful birthday:

Left to right - Talia, Me, Ruby and Kim.

I guess we can all agree I am 'the pretty one' in my group of friends.
That goes without saying. Honesty is the best policy, after all.

Too true.