Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Future Looks Bright...

Hay hay hay, quick post (is this becoming a habit?) to give you a brief summary of what is coming up in my life, although I doubt anyone really cares. But, this is my life, and I will blog if I want to!

1. Half term - 2 weeks of school left. Some serious persevering skills are going to come in handy soon!

2. London Fashion Week - starts in half term! Duffy, who I have mentioned multiple times on here, is doing some big shows and has gotten my mother and me backstage passes to Matthew Williamson, maybe PPQ, and more (!!!!!!!!!). Even more excited about half term, must plan outfits pronto!

3. Easter holidays - still have a while to go, but it has been pretty much confirmed that the fam and I are on another trip to NYC, baby! Like last time, a few days in Manhattan and a few days at the cabin in the Catskills. Life will be how it should be, yet again! I probably haven't mentioned this on the ole' blog, but I would give my left hand to live in America. Preferably New York, L.A or Santa Cruz, but any would be a dream come true. Lusm, U.S.A.(Another thing I haven't mentioned is my plans to go to Parsons University in New York. Then, I plan to be a fashion journalist/photographer/work at a fashion+photography/art magazine. Yes, I am 14 and I have planned my life already. Gotta start 'em young!)

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Sunday, 23 January 2011


Hope you are all enjoying a lazy Sunday, just wanted to drop by and give a shout out to the renowned tattoo artist, Thomas Hooper. As you may remember, he did my brothers' and dad's tattoo on our summer trip to New York last year. He was featured in the latest edition of The Guardian, and there is a photo of Finn's tattoo (scroll down). Woop woop!

Remember now?
Shweet, huh!

Here is an awesome photo of Finn's tattoo:

Before I go, here is my flickr website where I put my favourite photos I have taken, and some for my school photography club. Check 'em out!

Catch you later, calculator.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Golden Globes - The good, the bad, and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Recently, the Golden Globes was held in L.A, and that means one thing. BITCHING TIME ON 'E!'. This is definitely a highlight of my year, when the award ceremonies come around and the celebrities get out their party frocks and dapper suits. Now, the men always look dashing, but let me just mention how shocked and infuriated I was to see Justin Bieber on the red carpet. Yes, his suit was adequate, but no different from the crowd. Plus, I despise him. No biggie. Now, onto the ladies! Let me just say, I am all for going with the bold statement clothing, but Helena Bonham-Carter looked a little too... unhinged, shall we say? Seriously, who goes out on the red carpet wearing different coloured shoes, and christmas colours at that? It's not expressive, just a bit immature. It's like what a toddler would do upon being told they can wear what they want to nursery for the day. But, I wouldn't know about that from experience, as I would always reach for my red sequin 'ruby slippers', or Hello Kitty jelly sandals, if I was given this opportunity as a lil' squirt. BACK TO BUSINESS. Kudos Helena, but next time... just don't.

Christmas was a month ago. Get over it.

Other questionable gowns, in my opinion, were Eva Longoria, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry. Apologies, but come on. So wrong!

Oh yeah, I hate the 'mermaid' dresses. A lot.

That is my bitching done for the day, onto the goodn's! Honestly, there were quite a few to choose from, but here are some I thought were worthy of mentioning...

Mila Kunis. I ADORE her. She can do no wrong.

I'm not usually a huge Angie fan, but this was exceptionally lovely.

Woah, I am liking green a whole lot, apparently?!

Scarlett Johansson. She's a beauty!

Megan Fox. HUBBA.

I LOVE GLEE. Possibly a totally biased judgement, but who cares. They rule.

Definitely not my favourite, and I would probably dislike this dress if it wasn't being worn by Anne Hathaway, but she looks outstanding.

Same with Natalie Portman.
Not my favourite dress, but she's too darn cute not to include!

Oh umm how did that get on here...

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fresh Start

Happy New Year, erin style readers! Now, I want to just show you a few of my Christmas presents before I tell you about a play I saw, my plans for 2011, and show you a few irrelevant pictures. Naturally. Firstly, Christmas present highlights:

John Lewis Mini Green Sewing machine. I'll be making a skirt on this soon...
Stay tuned, folks!

Louboutin trainers. Umm, love my life.

Close up on the goods. And oh, are they good!

Lanvin for H&M. J'ADORE!

Annick Goutal perfume...

Chanel nail varnish...

Read it. Be jealous. Wait, does sniffing lip balm have the same affect as sniffing petrol? 'Cus I love both. Ahem, ha, just kidding....

I may or may not have a scented lip balm fetish. No biggie.

Short Play Review
'Deathtrap', starring Jonathan Groff. Yes, that is Jesse St. James from Glee. May or may not have been the sole reason I saw it, but I am so glad I did! It was actually quite funny, but scarier than expected. It was very clever and the plot was immense. Made me jump on several occasions, and I was squeezing my friend's hand for about half of the show! 'Deathtrap' has one of those smart plots that make me excited for some reason. That hardly makes sense...
Just see it!

Not to mention we were on the second row. I WAS SO CLOSE TO HIM!
The world could end now and I would be content.

Plans for 2011
- Make at least 3 things on my brand spanking new lean green machine (sewing machine).
- Learn how to use my camera and not be a poser by carrying it around but not actually using it correctly. Pft, I don't ever do that.
- GLEE LIVE TOUR. 'Nuf said.
- Carry on with my craft projects eg. knitting. Newest one? Rug making! DON'T LAUGH.

Irrelevant picture, you say? Here you go: