Friday, 20 July 2012

WAH - Take 2

Yesterday, I returned to WAH nails in Topshop with my friends, and I had to stay low key for a wedding I am going to tomorrow, but they went all out with the cray cray nails. Here's a photo we took after, and if it's not obvious, mine are the lilac ones with the tie-dye design on the 'wedding finger' (right, I thought that was the technical term but I was laughed at, so 'whatevaaa, mingaaa' - excuse the year 5 diss, it's all I got). For the wedding, I will be wearing a mint Missguided dress with my Opening Ceremony heels, and as always, pictures will be up soon.

That means this was posted on Instagram, Mum.

Then, I saw a couple other gals before they left me to go on holiday, received a hilarious phone call from a friend who was at a party literally 1 minute away, and I was off. It was a b-day ting, the boys wore suits, there was birthday cake with candles, it was magical. Here is what I wore, if anyone cares. If you do, remember, I have Lookbook yo! Hype! Follow! Yay.

Yet another photo, which is just so cringey and horrendous of me, so let me say that I accept anyone throwing something at me at this point. 
It's only for the nose piercing, I swear!

Now, I must bid ye farwell, as I am off to scrape in on my brother's date with his gf to see 'The Dark Knight Rises'. If you didn't already, read about all the crazy incidents that all are linked to the Batman films here

If that's not crazy, I don't know what is. Apart from this. 


e x

P.S Pretty sure I am yet to go a week without blogging a comical picture of an animal. Is there some kind of rehab? Help would be appreciated <3

P.P.S Sorry if I don't blog for a wee while, Mother and I are taking an impromptu 3 day holiday to Biarritz. How very Chelsea of us. Au revoir!


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