Monday, 6 August 2012

Middle class rebellion

This title is pretty much the epitome of what happened yesterday. My friend thought it would be fun to climb over the fence between the park and sneak into Highgate Cemetery, and I am a fool and agreed. It was all fine and dandy until we had to climb back over the said fence and I plummeted to my near death and fractured my ankle (mind you, I am 5 ft so that was like... a whole 6-7 ft). 
My excuse was 'yolo' but we all know that's just slang for 'I'm a massive noob'. Best part? I was informed after the whole shambles of it all that it's free entrance. On the bright side, I got a gnarly boot for it, which I put stickers on, and I have already bedazzles my crutches. Remember who u talkin' to, gurrrl. Another glorious piece of info? NEW YORK CITY, HERE I COME.

e x

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