Monday, 28 May 2012

Goodbye May

Sorry, but let's just take a moment to forget about all the exam stress, and all the sun burn worries, and all of those #whitegirlproblems, and acknowledge the fact that there is a mere matter of weeks until the summer holidays! Woop. Now, here are some reviews and pictures that I want to share with you, because you people listen to me and I like to think people find my writing interesting. If not, I will just go talk to my dog. He listens.

Last thursday, I went to see Saul Fletcher's show, and he seemed a little nervous at first. He admitted to me that all these nerves were due to the anxiety of waiting for my famous 'Milo Head' reviews. Now, I told him, 'Keep it together man. Carpe diem. Yolo. Do yo thang.' and he did just that. The show was incroyable and I am tellin' ya, GO SEE IT.

Meat and two veg.


This is obviously one of my favourites, as I am a whippet hoarder in training, but I would like to tell you all that this is Milo's best friend! His name is Woody. He's a total babe.

Last night I went on a date with my home gurl, Honey, to see the new Wes Anderson film I was telling y'all about. It is called Moonrise Kingdom, and I am slightly in love with it. It was in the typical Anderson style, which is perfection, and it was such a beautiful story and the wardrobe was immense and urgh I just loved it and I wish I was in it and I dream of being Suzy and eloping with a boy scout and owning an island with him and getting married by a scout leader and dancing in my pants with my new husband. Wait... what? Did you.. say.. someth... right. Just go watch it. Now.

e x

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