Friday, 15 June 2012


Ignore that English Shakespere reference, my mind is still on exam mode, BUT on that note...

Today, I had my last exams, and now they are all over! It has been a full on week of revision and tests, but life is feeling pretty sweet right now. Now, there is only a matter of weeks until the summer holiday, which is cray cray. Until then, school is on the quiet side, but we have 'enrichment week' coming up, which includes having talks about career choices and all that jazz, but I am very excited indeed, as I am doing a day of work experience with Little Duffy (jeweler, not hairdresser) and he will show me the ropes in his studio and I will most likely spend the day there, drooling over the jewellery and drinking tea. Fabbity fab.

Just wanted to mention my newly found obsession with Die Antwoord, and yes, this is was stuck in my head throughout my entire History exam. Mao Zedong + South African rap <3


Latest purchase was some Huf socks from ebay, j4j.

Next on the list is this beast of a tshirt, which I am almost incredulous about, as I have spend months trying to track this down after falling in love on tumblr. Story of my life yo. 

Vegetarian wearing pepperoni, and wot?

Now, on a cultural note, what do we think of 'The Great Gatsby' trailer? Let me just say, I am a big fan of Jay-Z, Frank Ocean and Kanye, because really, how can you not? Back to the point, what was with the song choice? Totally irrelevant in my humble opinion, and despite it is expected of a Baz Luhrmann film to be glamorized and flash, but when reading the book, it was just so different! Leo DiCaprio was perfect casting of Gatsby, but Carey Mulligan slightly aggravates me for no particular reason, so I am not feelin' her as the Daisy Buchanan of the film, but it'll have to do. They may just lose some Milo heads from their review. 
All I'm sayin'.

Before I go, here is a cheeky polaroid. 
We unintentionally recreated The Virgin Suicides poster.

e x


  1. Really cool post! Great blog! Your posts keep me coming back for more - it's cos you're amazing!!! Have a great day and a brilliant weekend ahead! Looking forward to more posts from you!

    1. Thank you so much! This has made me so smiley aaah please keep reading, much appreciated!