Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mish Mash

It dawned on me that I have done a few 'cultural/blog-worthy' things in the past month or so that I have failed to mention, therefore I have decided this is the post where I shall inform you of these things in a very 'mish-mash' way. Leggo.

The ballet! A few weeks ago, I went out with my parents to see 'Snow White' at Sadler's Wells, which was magical. My favourite family outings are usually always to the theatre, especially when we go to the ballet together, and this did not disappoint. 

Jean Paul Gautier did all the costumes too, so I am not going to lie, I was just oggling the outfits for the majority of the show.

Dark Shadows. All I can say is 'meh'. It wasn't the worst Burton has done *cough Alice in Wonderland cough* but it lacked his usual charm and I just felt it went on a bit and the ending was not satisfactory pour moi, BUT do not let me put you off it completely! It may be your thing. Just watch and decide for yourself... Soz if you also find it mundane. At least you found out for ya self. 

Christian Louboutin exhibition. J'ADORE. The layout of the show, the collection, the writing, the photographs, the videos. Ah, it was all so wonderful! Learning about him was also one of the best parts, because I personally did not really know about his life and the history of his career, but I really do appreciate the skill and beauty of his art even more. Oh, and the shoes were all #totesamaze.

Mystery Train. This was one of the best films I have seen in a hellofa long time. It is made up of 3 different stories, which always makes me happy in films as I get bored easily and it keeps the plot fresh. They are all set in Graceland, involve Elvis (obvs) and I guess you can say they each have some sort of love story. You just have to watch it to appreciate the stories and if you do watch it or already know it, please comment and we can discuss the amazingness.

Tomorrow, I am going to see my friend Saul Fletcher's photography show, which will be immense, as always. Hopefully I will do a little review post soon, but if I don't have the time, don't be hatin'. Gurlz gotta werk.

P.S. 'Moonrise Kingdom', the new Wes Anderson film is coming out this weekend. Already made plans to see it. Buzzing with happiness. 

e x

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