Sunday, 13 May 2012

May Update

Hola. Yesterday I went to East London for a bit of exploring, and boy did I explore! Whenever I go, I never really venture out of my comfort zone (Blitz and Rokit) but I decided to go into all the little vintage market places and found some killer spots. There will deffo be back soon, with a whole lot more moolah.

After a tiring day walking around Brick Lane, I retired to an awesome Brooklyn-esque coffee bar for a cuppa tea and a bit of reading (Pride & Prejudice ftw). On the trip, I bought some dolphin earrings from American Apparel, and some denim short dungarees from Blitz. Literally the cutest things I have ever owned, and I feel so young and 90's in them. Win.

In other news, my mother took a couple trips to the massive Comme de Garçons sale and was kind enough to have bought be a couple rad items, such as this little pink lace-back dress and this beautiful Rodarte swimming costume. See, I have a history with this cozzie. Last year, I tried it on, but alas, it was expensive and partially see-through. OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED. It was drastically reduced, and I am deciding to ignore that it is a little see-through cuz... ya know... #yolo and stuff...

Couldn't not post this picture. 
He looks stoned from the sunlight.

Lacy back. 

Finalement, these are the Creepers I decided to get from Ebay in the end. 
They may be fake, but they are gnarly. End of.

Plans for the near future 

1. See 'Dark Shadows'
2. Go to the Louboutin Exhibition 
3. Return to Brick Lane to get a whole bunch of crap
4. Do well in my upcoming exams (preferably without having to revise)

Before you go, listen to this. It's worth it.


e x

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