Monday, 23 May 2011

"Obviously, Doctor, you have never been a 13 year old girl"

Hey everyone, sorry for lack of posts. Not much happening lately! Then again, the Glee live tour is in a matter of days (well, like 32 days) and summer is in 45 days! Beyond excited for my California trip this summer, I miss L.A and Santa Cruz like crazy. So, anyways, I recently saw 'The Virgin Suicides'. It was made in 1999 and directed by one of my favourite directors, Sofia Coppola. The film is adapted from the book by Jeffrey Eugenides, a story about five sisters who live a mysterious existence. We are told about them from the points of view from the neighbourhood boys who were captivated by them who come together 20 years later, attempting to solve the enigmatic ways of the Lisbon sisters. This is a pretty bitter sweet film, because there are very dark elements (urm, hi, it's got the word 'suicide' in the title) but it still retains a certain charm. As I said, Coppola is one of my all time favourite directors, so I already knew how much I loved her style of filming and the cinematography, but this story was excellent. Basically, I adored it.

Before I go, just wanted to tell you I recently taught myself how to do fish tail braids! Now I am obsessed and do them in my hair the whole time. Next on the agenda - learn how to do the 'Lady Gaga' hair bow!

e x

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