Friday, 6 May 2011

Gaga, Ooh Lala

As you may know I have a love for music, but not the typical teenage girl kind. None of that 'top 10' crap, I'm more of an underground/retro kinda gal. But, one of the few exceptions I make is for Lady Gaga. Strange? She is usually the kind of person I would shun for 'trying too hard', but she is just so damn entertaining in her interviews and I have to admit, her fashion choices are immense. Some times too much, but hey, I am definitely for the 'more is more' notion. Another thing I surprising love is E! and I have no shame in saying that I am an avid follower on twitter, getting all the latest trashy Hollywood gossip (you know it!), but I also watch E! News like it's a real news show (Channel 4 news? Pft, puh-lease guuurl, gimme summa dat Kardashian shiz! *cough* Oh dear... that was embarrassing...*cough*). Right, well, where was I? Oh yes, as I watched the lovely Guiliana on E! today I saw her interview with Gaga and they exclusively showed her new 'Judas' music video. Needless to say, the song was catchy as hell and is replaying in my head at this very moment, and being a Gaga video it was very 'different'. Another obvious fact? Loved it. Recently, this song has been trashed for being offensive as it uses a religious name in a pop culture context and apparently it's 'disrespectful', but come on. The lyrics are about still being in love with some one and she happens to choose the name 'Judas' as she (according to the E! interview) is obsessed with religious art. Although the song got a bad rep, that doesn't stop her fans from buying it and everyone from watching the video, and frankly, I doubt she gives a flying rat's ass. Go Gaga!

Me thinks describing myself as 'special' is an understatement.
Thank you, Face in a Hole, you have truly outdone yourself.

e x

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