Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dancing Chanel

When I was in Brooklyn, chilling with the family and Duffy, his girlfriend (and very good friend of ours) told my Mother and me all about a project her sister did for Vogue and Chanel. Obviously, anything associated with those 2 things is usually a winner, but this is even better than you think! Her sister is called Emma Chadwick and she is an immensely talented ballet dancer who happens to be beyond stylish and beautiful. Basically, they are the rad-est (yes, that is a word, as of now) sisters EVER. So, back to the video, Emma is wearing the Spring/Summer 2011 Chanel collection and throwing some shapes (such an understatement, but I love that phrase). The fashion film animator Quentin Jones made it for Vogue T.V and it is all round awesome. As describes it - a masterpiece, fashion at its most artistic. Check it!

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