Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Nice Day For a White Wedding

Not the Billy Idol song, this is just my super late post dedicated to the Royal Wedding. Sorry to disappoint, but I was not one of those hyper girls who spent their Friday in front of the T.V, wearing a Will/Kate mask, waving around a Union Jack and buying memorabilia online. Although I frankly don't give a flying fish about Royal Weddings it feels appropriate to do a post with a brief summary of the opinion and a couple photos.

Love this girl.

Has anyone else seen David Beckham's new hair? He's going for the 50's vibe apparently, which my brother ain't happy about...

Kate's dress was aite, but my Mum and I liked this one on her sister.

Okay, that is as much of this nonsense I can handle. It's all over, finally. Laters.

e x

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