Wednesday, 18 August 2010

UPDATE Summer '10: Up and Running

Howdy, again I apologize for my terrible late posts but hey. I am busy, it is summer after all! Even if when I say busy I mean watching the entire collection of Desperate Housewives. (If any of you want to know, I am approaching Season 6. NEARLY THERE!) BACK TO BLOG BUSINESS:
A few weeks ago I attended the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall. It was awesome. There was music, poetry, cooking, fashion, YOU NAME IT. Very creative, along with some... interesting characters. Yes, interesting. I will show you a few pictures from the weekend adventure.


In the fashion tent undergoing the transformation.

After the outfit was assembled and the (play glitter) make up was pasted on my eyes. Yes, it is green. Mmm. This was a cool experience but I wasn't thrilled. Sorry to be a joy kill!

Full view with the family.
By the way, to keep this a fashion blog, those boots are from All Saints, the shorts are Topshop and the T-shirt is Luella.

Latest buys:
LOVE these bad boys. Practically live in them. Comfort+Coolness = happy Erin.

Urban Oufitters Skirt (x2)

Urban Outfitters Boots

There are also some un-pictured brown brogues from Zara that I will be wearing for my next year of school. A few American Apparel tank tops and this navy Zara cardigan that has these camel-coloured elbow patches. BASICALLY, my summer shopping has been goooood!

Next on agenda for Erin's Summer 2010.....

Me and the family are taking one of our beloved trips to New York for a week. LOVE MY LIFE!
To make it even better, we are going up to the Catskills (spelling?) for a weekend, which is basically the countryside of New York, just outside of the cit-ay. Cannot wait!

Well, that is all I can remember to update so far. Hope summer is going well for you guys! (Still not sure who I am talking to here, but before I go, thank you random people who bother to read this 'fashion blog'. I appreciate it, really I do, but please, COMMENT or contact me of whatever. I would love to know if anyone/who actually reads this thang. Apart from you, dad. Hi dad. Talking of dad, maybe pepper jermaine reads this! Private joke, don't even ask.)

Wow, that was a long bracketed section of writing.

Seeing as I still doubt that this blog gets any views, I thought I would share this with 'you all'. C'mon, I can not deprive the internet of such a flattering photograph. The double chin is working for me.

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