Thursday, 26 August 2010

First Full Day in NYC

Yesterday was our first whole day, on this trip here, in New York. It rained. STILL, it is New York so I can not complain! Anyways, here are the photos from the adventure so far:

Picked up from the Airport in a Limo. Dat's how we roll.

Across the road from our hotel, LML! Bought a sweatshirt-grey tee from here with that logo. It's rad, I will have a picture of it on here when I get around to taking a photo.

Hotel on Rivington, swanky stuff.

I don't show a lot of pictures of my brothers on my blog, but some times they blow me away with their amazing fashion choices and beauty, as shown in these pictures:

Conor wearing my Luella bow. WORKING IT GUUURRRLLL.

Finnbarr looking ravishing my accessorize bow. That smile is truly... something else.

NO, my Father and I did not take these photographs whilst my brothers were asleep... pft, why would you even say such a thing?! They just close their eyes... in pictures... yeah, I am sticking with that story. Back to the blog!

In the lift and the front entrance of the hotel wearing my new Zara jumper, my new Zara brogues and some black leggings (not sure where they are from :P)

Went to the amazing Japanese shop, Tricofield, and bought a killer shirt that I am wearing today, so I will take a photo and it will be up later. We also went to Betsy Johnson where they had this gorgeous dress in a size zero!!! That is veeerrrryyyy rare, so I had to try it on, obvs. The really nice shop assistant brought me the matching shoes too. I felt like a princess (HAAAm sorry, sounds so lame but true) and my Father offered to buy it for me as a birthday present (OCTOBER 3RD) and I was thrilled but I can't commit myself like that! I asked if I could go to Dover Street and choose some presents instead, so I am still a happy bunny. LUCKILY, I got a photo of me in the outfit anyways, score!

Outfit: Betsy Johnson, duh. Socks... probably like Marks & Spencer.
Something high fashion and practically Couture like that. Maybe it was even Primarks! Fan-cay.

My evening outfit: Skirt and lace Leotard Urban Outfitters, Cardigan Zara, Bow Luella, Shoes Converse. Not a fan of this photo but I thought I might as well put my outfit on the blog.

Oh yeah, also, I thought I should tell you for the sake of it, I went to see 'Eat Pray Love' with my Mother whilst it was raining yesterday. It was pretty good and I recommend it. ALSO, I am really really really looking forward to seeing the new film about Facebook, can't remember the name. Well, the advert makes it look pretty good and the song in the ad is a choir version of 'Creep' by Radiohead, which is one of my favourite songs of all time, so it looks like a winner. PLUS, Justin Timberlake is in it, ha!

I am off to start my second day here,
pictures and updates will be coming your way!


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