Friday, 27 August 2010


Hello my little chickies. I am guessing you are going to question the title to this post, and I will tell you about it in a sec! Summary of second day - VERY good. I bought some in-sah-haaaannnee (insane) clothes, AND, the famous '15 dollar sunglasses'!!! My day in pictures:

Walked past this adorable ice-cream truck, obviously I had to take a photo!

This is Russel, my dad's friend and amazing barber. How awesome does he look?!
Taken in Tommy Guns, coolest hairdressing salon in New York! P.S His wife actually reads the blog, score! If you are reading, thank you so much :)

The inside, and me outside, of this killer shop called 'Reformation'. The stuff is so cool, like a mix between Taylor Momsen and maybe Kaya from Skins? Doesn't sound so good but it is like them combined but like a thousand times better!
Skirt Urban Outfitters, Shirt Tricofield, Vest American Apparel, Shoes Minnetonka.

What I bought: Dark grey cropped top with this rocking back tie detail... thing. Just look at the picture of me wearing it and you will get it :P I also purchased 2 pairs of shorts, both black and kind of high waisted. One of the pairs (right) are a bootiful lace and the others have this kind of spider-web-esque lace around the leg holes... wahay, that was a terrible description but there are photos, people!

Not sure where my cardigan is from, but Top and Shorts Reformation, Shoes Converse.
Check out my mad posing skills.

Miu Miu hair clip, J'ADORE!

American Apparel Bikini. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 50's high waisted bikini bottoms.

Tricofield shirt I bought yesterday. Sweeeet.

The Famous Sunglasses. For 15 bucks? HELL TO THE YEAH!

Off to the Catskills, be back in a couple days!

Catch you later, calculator.

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