Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Hey hey. I am going to update you on my Summer 2010 so far:

I recently returned from my week-long holiday in Portugal with my pal, Kim. It was rad :) Obviously, I am super tanned. I look like African, seriously. PFT, yeah, right. I look like an albino naked mole rat. With braces. Hot stuff, I know.

Enough about that, lemme give you the details from my Paris trip!

My grand arrival, outside hotel Costes.
Shirt Commes des Garcons, Shorts Topshop, Shoes Office, Bow Luella

Look at that interior decorating. This hotel is the bomb.

I'm a happy bunny. Dress Commes des Garcons, Shoes Kurt Geiger, Bow Accessorize.

Me eatin' my falafel. Yummay.

We met this guy who was friends with our friend, Laurent, he was super cool and this is his tattoo which is a drawing his daughter did. RAD, huh?

This is Laurent. He ALWAYS looks this incredible, no joke!

My 'Off to Versailles' look. Dress Commes des Garcons, shoes Kurt Geiger.

Me outside of Colette, what an insane shop.

Versailles y'all.

Ain't she a beauty?

Skirt Topshop, Socks Topshop, Shoes Office, Top Charles Anastase.

We went to 'Clignacourt marche aux puces' which is a vast open air flea market with vintage goodies. My mum told me she came here as a teen, sweet huh? Anyways, I got this insane hand made lace dress there. Mmm :)

Feast your eyes on these vintage shoes, as far as the eye can see!

Well, that is my Paris trip, quick and simple for ya :)

Next stop - NEW YORK!!!
Yes, off to my beloved city in nearly a month; CAN'T WAIT! :D

Happy Summer guys.

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  1. wow -great blog

    and that tattoo .. aww its so adorable

    I love that lace dress the topshop skirt -with the palm trees
    and the shoes . wow.

    nice blog