Monday, 23 August 2010

Pre-New York Trip Post

IN 24 HOURS I WILL BE ON THE PLANE TO MY BELOVED NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!! As you may be able to tell I am a tiiiiny bit excited. Just a smidge. (AAHHHH :D :D :D :D). Playing it cool is my angle, obviously. Anyways, I am thrilled and I will be bringing my laptop so I will try my hardest to update the blog regularly with news from the trip along the way. This is just a short 'n' sweet post about how incredibly excited I am about my holiday and a few photos that I didn't post last time and some more new clothes (yes, more clothes already, and I haven't even started shopping in NYC! My closet will over flow, WOOO! :)

Me at the Hermes stand at Port Eliot. They use one of their fancy scarves and tie it in a cool way to suit your outfit. Playsuit Urban Outfitters, Shoes Vans, Scarf/Headband Hermes (duh)

Jumper and Shoes Zara. 60's or what?

T-shirt Zara, Gloves and Hat Dover Street Market. How adorable?!?!

Wearing my new hat, excuse my just-out-of-the-shower hairstyle.
T-shirt Lanvin- stole it from my Mum :)

Close up.

New - Lace Leotard Urban Outfitters.
Older items - Chanel tattoos + Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke (!!!)
Did ya know I did a German homework presentation on Karl Lagerfeld one time? You do now.

Close up of the leotard. Ain't is perty?!

This is the drawing that Dinos Chapman, a family friend and INSANE artist, did for my Dad. My Brothers and Dad are getting tattoos done by Thomas Hooper in NYC! Anyways, this is the design my Father is going to have done on his arm.

My Chanel tattoo. Who needs Thomas Hooper when you have a wet sponge and an
un- permanent CHANEL tattoo? :P

My Mothers tattoo. We match, how hip are we?

I am off to pack and look forward to our early flight to....

New York, New York!!!!

P.S It's a hell of a town :)

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