Friday, 12 July 2013

It's a start...

Today I started putting videos together in class. It is pretty new to me, and I have only ever used iMovie to make lame music videos with my friends at the age of about 11, so please take that into account! The first is a video project which was a self portrait assignment in which we weren't allowed to film our own faces. Although I was initially completely lost, I sorta kinda like what I came up with. Let's be honest, any video with Hurdy Gurdy Man as the soundtrack is watchable.
The second film I made was a compilation of clips that I filmed at a gallery opening, which I was invited to by my lovely friend Lucy Chadwick (pictured below). There wasn't really a theme or a reason, but I want to work on my film editing skills as much as I can during this course, as I am so new to it all. Again, don't be too hard on me guys, I'm eager to learn and getting to grips with the ropes of movie making!

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