Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Home sick? Sick of home?

My month in New York is officially over. Cue the tears. It was essentially the best month of my entire life, and I am most definitely going to move there as soon as I am finished studying. Instead of focusing on the sadness that fills my heart, being away from Parsons, my friends, and my favourite city in the world, I must look forward to going to my new school in September and creating and learning new things there.

For the last weekend in New York my parents and I stayed at Ruschmeyer's in Montauk, just a few hours away from Manhattan, and it was bliss. Of course, it was just what I needed after living amongst the chaos of New York City for the month, and my trip ended on a peaceful note. After a horse ride at a local ranch, and a bit of window shopping, we made our way back, and I am currently cosy in bed (not even 5pm, don't judge me) about to work on a film of my footage from Montauk. Super exciting. When I have finished everything it will most definitely be posted on here so check for updates!

e x

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