Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Last Sunday I met a couple of my best buddies to see the new film adaptation of the book, which I haven't read but am now dying to, 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. We all came out with excited grins on our faces and we all fell in love with the film instantly. Of course, if you have read the book and weren't a fan of the film it is very understandable, as I have heard from a few people that a lot of the plot and characters are changed. However, I haven't read it therefore I shall carry on praising the film.

The story may seem a little cliché in some respects, but the majority of 'coming of age films' include common themes - school, friends, parties, drugs, love, depression, death etc. All these are heavily featured, but I thought it was done well and they didn't make it embarrassing or cringey at all. The cast was pretty epic, but I am biased because Ezra Miller is my spirit animal and Paul Rudd as an English teacher is just too lovable.

One thing that also made my love it was the constant mention of one of my favourite songs of all time, Asleep by The Smiths. I don't have much else to say on that topic, but it was worth a mention. If you haven't heard that song then please. Listen now.

It made me laugh and cry. It made me want to be in their friendship group. It made me happy and I definitely recommend that everyone should see it.

e x


  1. I NEED to see that film, I've been stalking our local cinemas to see when they play it, but still no luck. Ezra Miller = love. xo, Elien
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  2. such a cool blog ! that movie sounds cool :) I love Emma xx