Thursday, 1 November 2012

October Half Term 2012 - It Got Frooty

Happy November, one and all. It has been a little while, but as I have been a busy lady. The beginning of my 2 week holiday was spent on a school trip in Berlin. We were there for 4 days, and let me say, 'es war sehr fabelhaft'. Google translate that shiz. We went to a few museums, a gallery, walked for miles and ended it with some make overs on the last night. The usual private girls school vibes. Berlin was surprisingly spacious and I deffo want to return soon, perhaps to see more of the film, music and art scenes, but it was all very picturesque and I enjoyed every moment. 

Brought my grillz. And wot.

My next adventure of the half term was a cheeky weekend getaway to Swanage with my best gal, Honey. Her family have an awesome house there and we spent our days attending to the fire place, watching films playing Rock Band and card games *wink LULU*. We also went horse riding on a trail and I was stuck with the small slow one that was definitely 'the one kept in the back', if you feel me, and was aptly names Marmite. We were at the back of the group and fell over everything, but we did also kindle a love for the horse names Smartie, who tried to eat everything, so we felt we could relate. We saw Skyfall, the new bond film, which was pretty damn good, and took a couple trips into Swanage town, which included spending too much money in the knick knack shops and Arcade. Our favourite shop was named Rainbow's End, and it was the kind of shop that smells of incense, sells baggy pyjama trousers worn by white Rastas, tie dye t-shirts and some gnarly Marijuana themed badges and belly bars *wink LULU x2*, but the best part of the weekend was by far the creation of our music video to one of our shared faves, Genesis by Grimes. We have never been so proud and I urge you all to watch it NOW. Your life will be changed for the better. I think.


Smartie luvin'.

Silky Indian MC Hammer trousers from the one and only, Rainbow's End.

Waved from the Ylang Ylang incense.

The latest event of the holiday was last night, which was my favourite night of the year... Halloween, of course. This year I was Marie Antoinette, with an Ebay costume, my DMs and my rabbit fur cape, with my hurr done at the Hershesons bar at Topshop and make-up done by myself. Honey's family have a party every year and it beats every party you could ever imagine. Let's just say some TLC was 'sang' in the Karaoke tent, the bar tenders knew me and Lulu a little too well, along with the scary maze actors.

My love muffin, Eve, during our pumpkin carving session.

Me and the O-man. I apologise for the trauma that may be caused due to that photo...
 but it had to be shared.

Shout out to my suga momma, Honey.

Tomorrow I am getting my hurr did, topping up the roots and all, and I might get a funky addition to the undercut, but I am not completely certain yet. We shall see.




  1. great pictures ! especially those from analogue! seems like you had a nice trip, and I love the halloween pics! xx