Friday, 13 July 2012


Summer 2K12 has arrived yo. My first big event was getting my hair dyed lilac with my buddy, Beth, at Bleach. It was planned that I was going to leave the undercut plain, but oh no, I decided as a spur of the moment thang that I would get zebra print dyed on it. J4J. Mother wasn't totally pleased, but #yolo. 

Another plus side to this is that I have a ghetto ass nick name now - grape juice. 
From this, the even newer and badass-er nickname was born - Welchy.
Don't be jel. (Be reem) (lol) (*cringe*)... 


Currently, I am blogging from my house in Cornwall, chillin' with some weirdos, who I call my bessums. For essums.

Check out our funkalish outfits for the journey. Quality photogs, Mother. Note the flip flops/jelly sandals/super jew tee/Israeli trousers combo. Yeyer.

nitey nite <3

e x


  1. love the hair! i'm in cornwall right now actually on hols (i live in france at the mo but am british) and got my nose pierced last thursday, really suits you, so glad i got mine done too! love your blog, hahahah i sound like a groupie! anyway xx

    1. Aww you're too cute! Thank you so much, enjoy your summer xoxo