Monday, 25 June 2012


... and not the underwear kind. 

What an opening, Erin. Kudos. 

The title is actually referring to my new Opening Ceremony shoes! They are so snazzy I could to cry, and I am so grateful to have them! Thank goodness they were in a massive sale, as we all know prices can get cray cray, but they are for a wedding I am going to in the summer and general evening wear. Ah, I can't wait 'til the fateful day when I can wear heels casually, without breaking an ankle/ looking like a mega noob. 

The little flower detail may or may not have been one of the main attractions to the shoe... 
no shame.

Wedges are for sure my favourite style right now, and these babies fulfill all I could wish for in a pair of Opening Ceremony heels. 

Here is a picture, taken on my last trip to East London, of my baby gurl Eva, who I mentioned in the last post. It occurred to me that I rarely post pictures of my friends, so I just want to prove that they are real. Hey, you never know these days, especially seeing as it is me, and I decided it was totes legit to use a pants joke as the opening line of a blog post, and lemme tell ya, that is the tip of the iceberg my friends.

Wow, okay, don't make this weird. 

Here she is...

Me gusta.

This is a bubbly man in Brick Lane. By bubbly, I am not talking about his personality, but he was playing with bubbles and wearing a smiley tee, therefore he deserves recognition on this 'fashion' blog.

Tomorrow, I am going to spend the day at Duffy's studio for my 'Work Experience' during Enrichment week at school. Don't worry, I will give you the low down on the hip artist and his gnarly life in an East London studio. Stay tuned for tweets regularly about all the hipsters and overall awesomeness. Brap brap. 

That was the last straw, now I am certain anyone who reads this thinks I am a douche lord. Koolio! :-)

Holla to y'all who are doing proper work experience at law firms and shiz, enjoy!

 e x

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