Sunday, 24 June 2012

Indie or Indian?

The one thing you should know about me is that I change my mind very easily, especially about style. An example of this includes my initial dislike for Creepers, which are now glued to my feet. The latest, I hear all my fans out there ask (I joke I joke, I kid I kid)? Indian influenced fashion. That means bindies, head jewellery, the whole lot. Minus the saris. Actually, give it a week, I will probably own one, knowing me. Yes, I understand how people think it looks pretentious and contrived, but hear me out, y'all. As always, thank you Chanel. (That was written as if I actually believe Karl Lagerfeld reads this blog or something... ha, yeah, how silly, that would be so delusion... HEY KARL, I LOVE YOU KARL, KEEP READING, I KNOW YOU SUBSCRIBE, I JUST KNOW IT)....

When I saw the Indian inspired Chanel pictures, my heart fluttered like a little butterfly, and now I am pretty certain I know what love is. The make-up, the hair, jewellery, the whole shabang - drool worthy.

My new adoration may have also been triggered by the genius Wes Anderson film that is 'The Darjeeling Limited', filled with rich and vibrant colours. In reality, I am a mocking bird and attracted to anything bright and shiny, so this explains everything. Now I am taking inspiration from the whole Indian vibe, I decided to buy this head jewellery from Etsy, which I can't wait to arrive, and as soon as it does I will deffo post pictures. Might buy a cheeky sari to match.

Even more inspiration from tumblr, which I do see the cringe-factor with, but fuk da h8erz <3

My soul sistah, Eva, introduced me to some new music that I wanted to mention on here, and everyone should check out the Burberry Acoustic videos. If it wasn't already obvious, my taste is very eclectic, but the majority of these songs demonstrate my 'chill music' side. It's perfect to listen to when you are just lying in bed, finkin bout lyf. Favourites include Indigo Home - Rue Panes and Yoko - Pegasus Bridge. Lav it.

Lastly, I want to say I received all my exam results during this last week, and I am a happy bunny and I am even more psyched for Summer! My first event of the holiday is my trip to Bleach with my bestie, Beth, to get our hurr did. She is going to get what I got last time, with the underneath layer of her hair, but purple, et moi? ALL LILAC! Of course, there will be about a trillion photos on here after, so stay tuned! 



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