Wednesday, 11 April 2012


See what I did there? Yesterday was nice and relaxing, starting with a little trip to the Grove (bought some Mac lipstick and a book) and then we just hung out with family friends at the hotel for the afternoon. It was lovely and you sometimes forget just how awesome it is to just hang out by the pool and do... nothing. Well, shopping is always a winner, but it was a nice day. In the evening, I saw '21 Jump Street' which I though was really good and I think we should just have a moment of reflection on the God that is Dave Franco -

At first, I was all 'JAMES IST BESSER' but now, I'm all 'DAVE IST DER BESTE'.

That was weird, even for me.

So yeah, as this is still 'erin-style' I thought I would give you the traditional 'Milo head' rating for the film, so...

e x

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