Sunday, 22 April 2012

BeL.Ated Post

Gosh, I am too punny for my own good. Now, after Coachella I felt like death warmed up, so there was a major lack of blogging on my part, which I apologize deeply for. Here is what happened on the last day in L.A before Coachella...

Firstly, I was sporting my new denim shirt and Retrospecs glasses! They are lovely original frames from the 20's and I am slightly in love with them.

Duffy was in L.A *hooray* so we went to a few arty places, including the Getty to see the Herb Ritts exhibition. It was phenomenal and I wish it was showing in London so I could see it again! His use of black and white photography was inspirational and I love how iconic his images are, even his incredibly '90's' adverts and music videos. Despite their cringe inducing nature, they were still breath taking to watch.

It was a wee bit chilly so Duffy lent me his signature black hoodie. 
Rather flattering, me thinks.

Alas, not all of my photos from Coachella are ready for the blog, so I am going to fast forward and bring y'all to today, and give you a film review! The latest film I saw was 'Marley', a very informative and enjoyable documentary about the legend that is Bob Marley. Apparently the reviews aren't all very positive (c'est la vie) but I thought it was rad. The music was awesome, the stories were fascinating and the people were all great characters that told the tale of his life wonderfully. 
Go see it! Rastafari!

e x

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