Monday, 4 April 2011

Top Tips for Shopping

As I mentioned on Saturday, I took a trip to Dover Street Market where I purchased this rad fluorescent pink satchel (Cambridge Satchel Company) which I will be using on my up coming trip to New York (leaving next Tuesday!). Actually, I just wanted to mention a little situation that happened when purchasing this bag. As soon as I spotted the bag I turned to my Father and gave him my creepy 'me-likey' smile (just as enticing as it sounds, promise). Then, I saw this 'older' woman looking at it, but she put it down so I was ready to pounce. Yeah, I take these thangs seriously! My Dad agreed to buying the satchel so we picked it up and just as we were at the counter, being told it was the last one, the 'older' woman came and attmepted that guilt trip thing, saying 'Oh, I was going to... umm... actually I just put it down but was considering it...'. Obvs, I got it, but come on! The basic rules of shopping: Never put anything down!

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