Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ending on a High Note

As I mentioned, yesterday was our last full day on our trip *cue the violins*. Yes, heartbreaking, but at least we had a killer day to top off an immense trip. After chilling in the hotel room and pooching around Soho we headed over to Dan's to have some portraits taken! We met Dan on our last trip to NYC, through Duffy, and we hung out at the Catskills with him. Seriously, the nicest guy and he sure takes a good photo! The photos I took whilst we were there are below and I will put his ones on here once he has e-mailed them to us. There is a fam portrait, single ones of each of my brothers, a single one of me and one of the Father and sons. Thanks, Dan! Once that was done we resumed to our 'pooching around' mode, buying a suit case on our way. Yes, we bought so much (well, mostly me) that we need another bag. No shame! Later in the evening we got a cab to Duffy's and Lucy's apartment in Brooklyn, where we visited a couple days ago, where they had a little get together with a bunch of awesome people. Sorry, no pictures, but it was as cool as you can imagine it to be! Pretty much the best way to end this trip. We'll be back soon, don't you worry...

Tonight I am heading to the airport and back to London. See you when I'm home...

e x

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