Saturday, 9 April 2011

Music to my Ears

Thank God it's finally the Easter holidays! The sun is shining and I'm psyched for my New York trip which is in 3 days. One thing that is getting to me is lack of bangin' tunes on my iTunes. Seriously. All Glee. Nothing wrong with that, but I need some major playlist refurbishment! Any suggestions... if anyone is even reading! Here are some (not new but still, don't be hatin') songs that I am feeling at the moment -

Strangely I would usually hate this kind of song, but for some reason I don't.
The video was... entertaining... to say the least!

Again, I remember finding this annoying, but it just grew on me.

Heard it in one of my favourite films, 'The September Issue', and loved it.

This song reminds me of all my childhood memories of summers spent in Santa Cruz.

That's the music section of this post done. Now I feel like showing you some photos that I like right now.

Fashion Toast - love fashion, hate toast. Can't have it all.

Miu Miu - need I say more?

Speaking of Miu Miu, they have an e-store. Is this new or am I just really behind?! Either way, check it out!

On another note, I bought a huge cork board for my bedroom wall that will (hopefully) soon be covered in photos, magazine pages and other knick knacks. Like a mood board. I'll post pictures when it's blooming and thriving!

Next time you hear from me I will probably be in NEW YORK!!!!

e x

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