Saturday, 4 December 2010

Gingerbread men + Glee Christmas Soundtrack = Nirvana

Hey everyone. I am currently in bed, watching Toy Story 3 and knitting. It's nearly the winter holiday which means it's coming up to the most awesome holiday EVER... Christmas!!!! I have been jamming to my new Glee Christmas CD, watching festive films and making gingerbread men. Life at its best, my friends. These are the things that keep me going when it is FREEZING outside. Oh yah, another thing that makes the winter cold bearable? Chunky knits and thermal vests. It's so cold I have considered sewing myself into a thermal vest and leggings. Yes, it's like Antarctica out there, but hey! That means layering - wearing my favourite clothes together! Me likey likey. Now, onto the more important things...

What I am reading:
This new edition of Lola (Issue 11) was off the chain, as per usual. I am pretty certain Lula is my favourite magazine, apart from 'I <3>
Basics, I laaaave it.

What I am listening to:

Nothing to explain really... I am not sure if you knew, but I kiiiinda like Glee. Kinda.

Oh, and my friends are sort of fans...

cough cough...

More Music:

Sleigh Bells - newest love. It's 2 people who perform angry rock that some times reminds me of cheerleading cheers, mixed with guitars and drums, with a little bit of rage and electro tings. Rather amusing, and as we all know, I love the whole cheerleading thang.

Excuse the quality of the sound and try to understand where my liking for them comes from. I am still not sure why I am so fond of them.

And now I have nothing to talk about...

God rest ye merry readers.

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