Monday, 20 December 2010

Feel Good Film?

Why hello there. Now, I know I usually get off topic, and yes, this is a fashion blog, but I would like you tell you about a film I recently saw with Mama erin-style. (That nickname sounded better in my head). The film 'Catfish' was called 'the feel good film of Christmas' recently in a review. I disagree BIG TIME. Yes, it was very good and interesting, and I highly recommend it, but it was quite the opposite! I was sitting on the edge of my seat at moments, but towards the end it was actually quite emotional. Not in a 'I can't stop crying right now' sense, like in the beloved 'Notebook' or 'Toy Story 2' (what? oh, come on! I am not alone on that one... right?) RIGHT, anyways, as I was saying... it's not sad in the traditional way, but more in the way that you feel bad for the person. Sorry if that is nonsense, and if I have ruined it for anyone or something, but it was definitely a must-see.

Next on my list?

'Black Swan'

Now, my Christmas 'feel good film', you may ask?

Arguably the best film of all time.

Holy Christmas.


  1. The Black Swan seems like such a good movie, didn't see it though. It seemed amazing, yet a little disturbing in the trailer, so I'm debating. :)

    You have such a cool blog! please check mine out too, if you feel like it!

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment! I am dying to see it, even if that means I will most likely be sleeping with the light on for a week afterwards :P Your blog is really cool too, thank you again!