Saturday, 13 August 2011

Update From LA

Having a lovely time in California, obvs. Unfortunately my camera is being vexsome and refusing to transfer photos onto my computer. This makes my life harder as I am unable post pictures from this trip on my blog and lookbook, but the moment it decides to cooperate I will be in like flynn. Until that tremendous moment occurs I will give you an update of what I have been up to and try to find some pictures of recent purchases!
Day 1 - good ole' sweaty workout, swim in the pool, breakfast at the Urth Caffe, look around Opening Ceremony, chill by the pool, dinner at Cafe Stella.
Day 2 - good ole' sweaty workout, swim in the pool (we are a structured family, even when jet lagged (cough freaks cough), breakfast at Swingers, look around Fred Segal and The Grove, chill by the pool and out for dinner at Cecconi's later.
That is what I call a good holiday! To top it off, I have seen Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee!), Eddie Izzard and Chris O'Dowd (the Irish one from The IT Crowd and Bridesmaids). Verdict: I love LA.

Harakuku Lovers head phones from Fred Segal.

These phenomenally cool bracelets from Fred Segal by Bracedlets. They are made from braces!

That's all for now folks! Laters.

e x

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