Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Mozza

Last night my Dad took my friend Izzy and me to the Morrissey concert at the London Palladium. My parents are devoted Morrissey fans so I have grown up listening to the genius work of the Mozza my entire life. The Smiths were one the finest bands out there, and Morrissey? He is simply sensational. His lyrics are pure poetry and depict his emotions that are relatable to everyday life as I stated in my English essay last year, a persuasive piece of writing about why every teenager should listen to The Smiths. As a performer he is definitely one of the best I have seen, and like a fine wine, he gets better with age. He disperses shrewd whimsical comments that leave you wanting more of his judgements and opinions of any situation. He has something to say about everything. Last night a fervent fan shouted "Is it the end?" and the Mozza replied, "The end of what? Of life? Of my career? This isn't a career, it's just persistence". I rest my case.
Before he came on stage a series of different videos, including an interview with Lou Reed, the legendary bang Sparks performing a song, a clip from a dated episode of Coronation Street and many more. One included a man with strikingly large sideburns and a dashing brown suit, dancing like the embarrassing uncle at a wedding after one too many pints, singing a song about a beautiful woman. He resembled Ron Burgundy from Anchorman and I can imagine that my Grandma probably thought he was a 'hunk' at the time. Not only were these videos comical and very enjoyable, but they were clearly all Morrissey's inspiration.
Despite not knowing all of his newer songs, that did not make the concert any less engaging and I loved every moment. Even though my eyes were fixed on the Mozza for 99% of the time, there were multiple people launching themselves from the front row onto the stage which was beyond entertaining. Security carried them off back stage but the best part was that Morrissey carried on singing and wouldn't flinch, but every time he just stretched his hand out to them as they were embarrassingly carried off by the scruff of their shirts and the top of their trousers, just like naughty boys being separated by their parents after a fist fight about who gets to play with the toy truck. My last note on the topic is that there are definitely going to be some major
ecchymosis, cough technical word for bruising cough, in the morning.
Overall, it was one of the best nights and I will treasure the memory of Morrissey performing live for the rest of my life.

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