Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right...

Recognize the lyrics? I thought it fit this post well as I wore my Birthday shoes last night :D I went to this interior decorating show thang. I left early with my brother because I was tired. I'm tellin' ya, I am 13 going on 75! Well, not exactly, but I am 14 in 8 days!!!!!! Wahoooo. I am spending next Friday night with a few friends and family at the beloved Nobu :) Now THAT is how to spend a b-day, am I right? Back to last night, it was all pretty cool but being truthful, the main reason I bothered going was so I could wear the shoes ;)

Excuse the terrible 'facebook picture' type photography. And my happy little face.
Shirt Tricofields, Vest American Apparel, Short Reformation, Tight... no clue, Shoes CĂ©line.

Close up of the outfit, with my Mother's Chanel bag.
That was the first time she let me wear it.
It was magnificent.

By the way, my eldest brother Finn has gone off to Winchester Uni. Sad times, but hey, one more brother to go and I get the big room! Ka-ching! But really, it will be strange with out him. Plus, he went back to Thomas Hooper to get another tattoo which was 2 clovers, one on each side. They are like in between his chest and neck, on each side. Terrible description, I will try and get a photo soon. They look rad! Nice one! Going back to his Irish roots. Good ole' Finigan.


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