Saturday, 18 September 2010

Oh Happy Days

Birthday Countdown - 16 days (!!!!)

Oh my goodness, it's crazy how soon my birthday is! Anyways, this is a small post to inform anyone reading that I am going to my beloved Dover Street Market today to see if there are any goodies there that I can get for my b-day! Ain't it the best, shopping for presents? Well, I am having a tough time with decisions though, seeing as I highly doubt I will be allowed a Miu Miu dress and some Dover Street treasures. Sad Erin. Either way, they are both INCREDIBLE presents. Happy Erin. BUT, sorry to say, another sad Erin is here because... IT. IS. FREEZING. Like really, what the hell?! It is September and I could have sworn it was January yesterday! But HELLO HAPPY ERIN, Camp Rock 2! Hell yeah. JOKES. Those JoBros are sad. That's all for now, but I will update you on the birthday gifts and goodies news. Laters!

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