Friday, 2 July 2010

Summer 2010 - Looking Good!

Bonjour. So, a couple nights ago I went to Hyde Park with my pals Ruby and Beth (and my parents) to see..... KINGS OF LEON!!!! Yes, they were beyond incredible and Caleb, the lead singer, might be God. Just saying. They were just as good live as they are on the CD and the atmosphere was really cool. I was told I looked like a photographer. Bonus!

Us in our KOL t-shirts. Lookin' good, huh?
My shorts - Topshop

Here is a close up on my t-shirt:
Notice the 'nerdy braces' smile at the top of the photo. Yum.

Me and my future husband, Caleb Followill. Sorry to be a
typical-annoying-young-teen-lead-singer obsessed girl. but he is GOD!

Look at that raw, intense emotion. Bootiful.

That was probably one of the best starts to the summer! Before I leave, I need to remind you that I am off to Paris and Versailles for the weekend tomorrow with my parents. WOOP WOOP, so excited. I miss Paris so much, can't wait to go to Collette again! (Collette - Incredible shop, like Urban Outfitters but about 1000 times better. And cooler!) Versailles will be beautiful and I will probably be too busy to listen to the factual business. Busy pretending to be Marie Antoinette/Kirsten Dunst playing M.A, frolicking about and eating macaroons. Can't wait! Pictures will be on 'le blog' (getting ma french on) when I return. LUSM!

P.S Yes, I am having trouble with my blog layout. It is so hard to choose the back ground and the photo and all that shizzle! I will hopefully get a photo from my weekend trip to use on the blog instead of my Rankin one. Yes, I will treasure it forever and it is pretty 'rad' but I gotta keep up beat and new at all times. Which is hard, as I am a 13 year old granny. With Braces.


I know she was executed, but c'mon, you wish you were her. Well, I do.

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