Sunday, 27 June 2010


Firstly I would like to say, SORRY! This post is so late it's a joke. Also, OH MY GOSH IT IS SUMMER! Well, I am still at school but it is summer none the less. Now, cast your mind back to that post that I did about my Mum's birthday. Remember how I mentioned that we were going to the amazing Dover Street Market sale? Well... we came back with some winners! My mum got some beautiful stuff but here is what I got out of the trip:

Girls gotta have her accessories!
3 necklaces and a bag, ka-ching.

Mini Dress, very nice indeed.

Another Mini Dress type thing. Super cool.

Close up.

This is like a top/dress/wrap type thing. Whatever you call it,
it is awesome.

Now I got that cleared up, onto the FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE CONCERT!!! I didn't bring my camera because I knew I would lose it or break it or something, but we were at the very front! SHE WAS SO CLOSE! I actually love her even more. Her voice, her clothes, everything. She was incredible! Probably even better than on the CD. LUSM FLO.

Got my braces, by the way. Here is a photo:

Don't worry, this is a jokey photo. Not my real smile, people.

They are really not that bad but come on. You have to admit we look strikingly alike:

Now, let's talk Summer plans :)

1. King of Leon Concert. (!!!)
2. Paris and Versailles this weekend 'avec mes parents'. Look at me, all fancy with my French.
3. Port Eliot Festival!
5. Various holidays with friends and family.
6. A whole lotta fun!

New Goodies:
Topshop skirt.

Topshop shorts.

Accessorize ring. J'adore :)

BEFORE I GO, let me just say.... I do not care what everyone says.
There. Now I am going to go :)

Happy Summer!

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